Lime at PARKROYAL on Pickering: 4-hour Super Lunch Sunday Buffet With Foie Gras

Dig in to Four Scrumptious Hours of Good food and company.

Ever wondered what it would be like to simply sit back, relax and enjoy your Sunday afternoon? Well, thanks to Executive Chef Deepak, you can do all of your favorite lazy sunday things at Lime, the chic restaurant at PARKROYAL on Pickering every Sunday afternoon from 12.30 onward.

There won’t be much sitting back though because your feet will be continually drawn to the numerous food stations with their colourful platters of cuisines.

lime parkroyal super lunch sunday-9064

Furnished with high ceilings that make you feel like you can breathe easy and packed with comfortable seats within reasonable distances from one another, Lime promises to make you feel just right and you will indubitably be able to while away the next few hours pampering yourself to countless helpings of food and ensuring you have a proper catch up with friends or family.

LIME juice

When we arrived at Lime, the warm servers brought us beautifully chilled glasses of Lime’s signature limenade. The welcome drink proved to be the one thing my entire being yearned for, considering how the streets outside were very balmy on the Sunday I visited. Refreshing and sweet with a tangy twist, the limenade was really quite perfect.

LIME Lobster Egg Benedict

As part of Lime’s Super Lunch Sunday buffet line up are several additional novelty dishes that the restaurant now boasts and with good reason too. Do note that these dishes are normally served on the buffet line in smaller portions.

The first dish we tried which is one of Lime’s new creations, is the Lobster Eggs Benedict featuring a 65°C Sous-Vide Egg. This highly-fancy-sounding dish made for a rather splendid lunch starter as it was light, flavourful and had a good balance of everything.

The lobster meat was soft, fleshy and had a strong seafood taste which was nicely paired with the mellow, runny Eggs Benedict. The softened arugula also helped to add a relatively herbal flavour alongside the soft breaded bottom that was crispy at some parts.

lime super lunch sunday-9076

One thing which I really liked about the dining experience at Lime is that they have various stations where there is live cooking. A smartly-dressed chef will cook with such finesse live for you and you will have your dish ready pronto. Pictured above is the ‘Duo of Foie Gras’ Station which impressed me with the way the chef skilfully flambéd the foie gras and scorched the fats to perfection.

lime parkroyal super lunch sunday-9110

The Foie Gras was surprisingly one of my favourites. It is surprising for I do not usually appreciate foie gras and its strong iron, gamey after-taste. This dish, however, was exquisite.

The foie gras when had with the side of salt was delicious as the salt helped to add a twinge of contrasting flavour to the duck. The caramelized apples and pumpkin puree worked wonders as well as they not only helped to bring some form of sweetness to the fatty morsel, these fruity components also helped to cleanse my palate.

LIME pasta

The next dish we tried was the Pasta with Tomato and Cream-based Sauce which was nicely garnished with cheese gratings and a peppering of herbs. I adored this dish not only because I got my fix of carbs but because there was a generous filling of tasty ingredients like olives, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

Additionally, the tomato-cream sauce was not too heavy and was infused with a light but distinct touch of truffle essence.

LIME raw fish platter

Lime’s Super Lunch Sunday buffet spread covers all grounds. It dabbles lightly in French cuisine with Foie Gras, serves up steamy Italian plates of pasta and of course, beloved raw fish from Japan.

We tried a fine selection of sashimi from the thick, fatty slices of salmon to the tougher meats of yellowtail tuna. While I usually enjoy my raw meats with a bowl of sushi rice, I still found divine beauty in the very fresh raw meats, especially salmon sashimi, when paired with some soy sauce and a dab of wasabi.

lime super lunch sunday-9078

Another addition to the seafood spread is the Seafood Paella which, much like how it looks, was relatively spicy, had a generous serving of seafood types like clams and prawns and the rice was just the way I like my paella, plenty, flavourful and just a little tough.

lime parkroyal super lunch sunday-9165

One other station that is definitely worth checking out is the Roti Prata Station. Armed with bowls of eggs, cheese and shiny balls of dough, the chef at the station will skilfully and speedily prepare your pratas (plain, egg or cheese).

If you have qualms about the prata not tasting as good as the ones sold by our local prata shops, fret not, I can verify that the pratas are tasty – crisp, doughy and extremely flavourful with Chicken curry.

LIME meat station

At the Grand Carvery station, slices of beautifully-tender meats like the Leg of Lamb and Roasted Wagyu Topside will be prepared for you on the spot. Be sure to get a side of savoury sauce just to get the most wholesome meaty experience you can!

LIME Champagne

While there are non-alcoholic beverages like freshly-squeezed juices at Lime, those seeking for something to chase the thoughts of Monday Blues away can spoil themselves with an unlimited servings of house pour wines and beers with an additional $68++ or with Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, available at a promotional price of $88++ per bottle.

Pair these lovely drinks with your hearty meals and you will feel like you can conquer the imminent week with no hassles.

lime parkroyal super lunch sunday-9153

At exactly 1pm each Sunday afternoon, the Sangria Trolley will make its rounds so if you do opt for something more economical, be sure to keep your eyes open for that precious trolley topped with a heavy, metallic bowl of chilled red liquid. The fruity alcoholic drink will be sure to put anyone in a good mood and possibly help you with your post-lunch siesta.

LIME nitrogen ice cream station

The selection of desserts at Lime is glorious, inclusive of even a strawberry chocolate fondant fountain but the star of the show would have to be Lime’s fresh dessert item – Red Velvet Nitrogen Ice Cream. Not only is the equipment used to prepare nitrogen ice cream kickass but the ice cream birthed from the bowels of this machine is splendid.

LIME Red velvet ice cream

Here is the plated dish of the Red Velvet Nitrogen Ice Cream, paired with crepes and a handful of berries. The red velvet ice cream was intriguingly delicious. It was sweet and had a very slight hint of saltiness but in essence, it had that chocolate essence that red velvet flavours have, but with a little added bit of savour.

At the ice cream station, one can enjoy other ice cream flavours like Lychee Sherbets and Strawberry Ice cream, and also interesting toppings like white chocolate shavings. You can have my full assurance that on top of the hearty series of savoury dishes, you will be far from disappointed with the dessert options at Lime!

All in all, I enjoyed myself thoroughly at Lime’s Super Lunch Sunday mostly because I had the luxury of time to make my rounds to different food stations and the fact that the cuisines offered at Lime are very diverse in terms of flavours also enhances the entire dining experience.

I would definitely say it is completely worth it to dine here on a lovely Sunday afternoon and while this is my two cents worth, I strongly suggest anyone looking to momentarily forget life’s problems to indulge in good food and company just for an afternoon.

Expected Damage: $78++ per adult, $39++ per child

PARKROYAL on Pickering: 3 Upper Pickering St, Singapore 058289 | Available from 12.30pm to 4.30pm on Sundays | Tel: +65 6809 8899 | Website

*This post was brought to you in partnership with PARKROYAL on Pickering