umisushi: Leap into a prosperous Year of the Rabbit with adorable bunny yu sheng & value-for-money festive sets

From one celebration to the next we go! Chinese New Year 2023 falls especially early in the year— that means the loud, messy, rambunctious and absolutely fun experience of lo hei is already peeking around the corner. Japanese cuisine specialist umisushi has just released its collection of creative and delicious lunar new year yu sheng platters and Prosperity Sets.

umisushi CNY - AMK Hub Outlet 2023
Credit – umisushi

What I tried at umisushi

I remember being surprised when I first heard that umisushi has such an elaborate Chinese New Year promotion. That was 4 years ago when I knew the 18-restaurant chain only for its delectable choices of sushi, bento, donburi, udon, ramen and salad.

But, hey, I’m glad they have been proving themselves to be one of the best choices for celebratory platters and bundles every Chinese New Year since then!

umisushi CNY umi Huat Huat Yu Sheng 1

Every year, umisushi creates a themed yu sheng platter in tribute to the Chinese zodiac. This being the Year of the Rabbit, they have just unveiled the umi Huat Huat Yu Sheng (S$108.88). Absolutely adorable from afar and amazingly intricate in close-up, this bunny-faced salad will delight young and old alike. It comes with 18 pieces of Norwegian salmon slices.

I loved the sheer size of this fresh salad platter. It is obviously made with a lot of love and care. The artistic touch will undoubtedly go a long way in pulling your family towards this centrepiece of the lo hei, even the kids. Just watch out that they don’t start picking off their favourite bits and pieces to eat before the time comes!

umisushi CNY umi Da Ji Yu Sheng

Almost as intricate and dialling up the infusion of luck into the coming year is the umi Da Ji Yu Sheng (S$98.88).

I was fortunate enough to get to watch the artisans at umisushi put the finishing touches on this platter. Honestly, the time and effort that goes into creating every perfect edge of the Chinese word (Ji) is mind-blowing. And rightly so, as symbolises good fortune and boundless prosperity.

The visual spectacle is made even more appealing with the colour and texture of the fresh shredded vegetables that accompany this platter. Adding a delicious tang to the classic dish are auspicious yu sheng condiments, a traditional plum dressing and Pok Chui (2 bags). The final touch comes with Norwegian Salmon Slices (18 pieces).

umisushi CNY Supreme Majestic Sushi Platter 48 pieces 1

A wonderful choice on any day, the Supreme Majestic Sushi Platter (48 pieces) (U.P.: S$68.88, Festive period price: S$78.88*) is extra special during your Chinese New Year celebrations.

This perennial favourite gets the auspicious festive treatment by umisushi. Not only do you get fresh sushi in all its flavoursome glory but each morsel is infused with a seasonal touch. There is salmon tangerine sushi, Norwegian salmon sushi, aburi Norwegian salmon sushi, smoked duck sushi and inari sushi.

They are served alongside lobster salad maki roll, chicken floss maki, triple prosperity gunkan (umisushi’s signature mix of kani, tamago and kappa), spicy Norwegian salmon gunkan, futomaki and homemade tamago.

I certainly loved the bright colours that spoke to the freshness of the sushi and other ingredients. Crested with 4 auspicious characters, this platter is the best fusion of umisushi’s signature fare and the vibes of prosperity that ring in the lunar new year.

umisushi CNY - umi Prosperity Yu Sheng

umisushi’s signature umi Prosperity Yu Sheng rounds up their list of individual offerings. Every serving is prepared from scratch fresh every day. It is then topped with generous helpings of freshly shredded vegetables and auspicious yu sheng condiments. Also included are traditional plum dressing and a platter of Norwegian salmon slices.

It is available in 3 sizes: regular, medium and large.

  • The umi Prosperity Yu Sheng – Regular (S$42.88) is only available exclusively at umisushi retail stores, GrabFood and foodpanda. It comes with Norwegian Salmon Slices (6 pcs) and Pok Chui (1 bag). It serves 4 to 6 people.
  • A size bigger, the umi Prosperity Yu Sheng – Medium (U.P.: S$52.88, Festive period price: S$62.88*) comes with Norwegian Salmon Slices (12 pcs) and Pok Chui (2 bags). It is just right for 6 to 8 people.
  • The largest of the lot is the umi Prosperity Yu Sheng – Large (U.P.: S$62.88, Festive period price: S$72.88*) comes with Norwegian Salmon Slices (18 pcs) and Pok Chui (2 bags). This is the best choice for 8 to 12 people. 

If you’re like me, you’ll want to get more than a single platter. For that, umisushi has created a series of celebration bundles for every budget.

umisushi CNY - Blooming Prosperity Set

First on that list is the Blooming Prosperity Set (U.P.: S$147.88, Festive period price: S$170.88*). This set consists of the Supreme Majestic Sushi Platter (48 pcs), umi Prosperity Yu Sheng (Medium) and Norwegian Salmon Slices (18 pieces).

For an additional S$8.80, you can upgrade to a umi Prosperity Yu Sheng (Large).

umisushi CNY - Bountiful Prosperity Set

The Bountiful Prosperity Set (U.P.: S$210.88, Festive period price: S$229.88*) is made up of the Supreme Majestic Sushi Platter (48 pcs), umi Huat Huat Yu Sheng and the Five Treasures Platter.

umisushi CNY - Five Treasures Platter

The Five Treasures Platter is the perfect cold platter to kickstart your reunion dinner. It consists of umisushi’s five treasures:

  • Edamame (boiled soybeans) for Luck
  • Chuka Kurage (seasoned jellyfish) for Prosperity
  • Chuka Idako (seasoned octopus) for Longevity
  • Lobster Salad (lobster with mayonnaise) for Happiness
  • Chuka Hotate (seasoned scallop skirts) for Wealth

It is available separately, too for U.P.: S$39.88, Festive period price: S$49.88*.

umisushi CNY all sets

Prepare for a wondrous CNY feast to ring in a prosperous new year in one of 3 ways:

  • You can place your orders online at
  • Walk-in orders will be accepted at all 18 umisushi retail stores island-wide. Walk-in customers can opt for delivery or self-collection.
  • Order via phone by calling +65 6265 5545

umisushi’s delicious and visually indulgent CNY range is already on sale and will be available until 5 Feb 2023. Judging from the overwhelming response they receive every CNY, it would be wise to order early. Reserve your platter soon as the best ones tend to run out before CNY comes around.

umisushi CNY set with box

Deliveries come in a gorgeous bespoke yellow, red and gold box imprinted with images of koi.

Final Thoughts

It was a pleasure getting to preview umisushi’s CNY range. They have put a great deal of thought into the presentation of every plate and platter and the end result is appetisingly beautiful. Considering the high quality of the ingredients, the umisushi CNY selection is a great balance of cost and value.

*umisushi delivers right through the festive period, including 21 Jan to 24 Jan 2023. Festive pricing applies on these days.

There is a delivery charge of S$20 with a min order of S$60 from 21 Jan to 24 Jan 2023. There is a delivery charge of S$12 with a min order of S$30 on 28 Jan & 29 Jan 2023, and on 4 Feb & 5 Feb 2023. A min order of S$30 with a delivery charge of S$8 applies at all other times.

Please note that the last delivery and self-collection on 21 Jan 2023, CNY Eve is at 5pm.

Do check here for their CNY Business Hours before heading down.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with umisushi.

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