Best Dining Credit Cards in Singapore: We Compare 3 Cards For The Best Dining Promotions

If there’s one thing we Singaporeans love more than good food, it has to be good food promotions. Those of us who are more kiasu would certainly be used to comparing prices and promotions across credit cards and restaurants.

I’m definitely a fan of doing my research when it comes to promotions, going on sites like Singsaver to check out the various credit card features. Of course, it can get tedious at times, because there are just so many types of dining privileges in Singapore. Cashback, discounts, cheap drinks and one-for-one deals — the choices can get pretty overwhelming.

We love a good meal deal as much as you do, and we’ve compared three different credit cards to find out which has the best promotions for foodies!


Singsaver Credit Card Comparison Uob Yolo Card Online

Millennials may be the ones who want to live the YOLO lifestyle, but age isn’t a factor when it comes to the UOB YOLO Card. With a minimum age of 21 years old, and a minimum annual income of $30,000, this isn’t a difficult card to get.

Singsaver Credit Card Comparison Uob Yolo Dining Advisor Online

If you dine out a lot on the weekends, this card is pretty useful for you.

Existing cardmembers get 8% dining cashback on weekends and 3% cashback on weekday dining. If you’ve not signed up yet, the great news is that new cardmembers get an even better deal! For the first three months, you can get 12% dining cashback all week long.

You’ll need to spend a minimum amount of $600 per monthly statement to get your rebate (capped at $60), but food connoisseurs won’t find that a problem! Besides, online and overseas dining transactions count too, so even if you’re ordering from Deliveroo or sitting down to a sumptuous spread in Bali, it still counts.

On top of dining rebates, UOB YOLO cardholders also get exclusive promotions at quite a few restaurants. Grab a few drinks at Overeasy or The White Rabbit for 1-for-1 drinks promotions, or treat yourself to booze and oysters at The Black Swan.

Of course, you’ll also get to enjoy 10% – 20% discounts off the total bill at elegant dining spaces like Brine, Carousel At Royal Plaza On Scotts, Propeller Rooftop Bar, and loads more.

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UOB YOLO Card: Facebook | Website | FAQ

Citi Cash Back Card

Singsaver Credit Card Comparison Citi Cash Back Online

The cashback rates from the Citi Cash Back Card will make you go wow! At 8% cashback for all dining, this may seem like a dream come true. And the minimum age to apply is 21 years old, with a minimum annual income of $30,000, which makes it accessible to most.

However, before you rush out to get a card, note that the Citi Cash Back Card has a rebate cap of $25 per month. If you dine out frequently, this may be a little restrictive.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to spend a minimum of $888 per month to qualify. This all-purpose card lets you get cash back even on non-dining transactions, so it won’t be too hard to hit the minimum amount.

La Brasserie 8

You’ll get exclusive cardmember promotions from various upscale restaurants too. With the likes of The Line at Shangri-La Singapore, La Brasserie at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, and other prominent restaurants, it’s never a dull meal.

At 10% –15% discounts off the total bill, these places are perfect for the occasional weekend treat!

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Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card

Singsaver Credit Card Comparison Scb Rewards Online

Like the first two, this card has a minimum application age of 21 years old, and a minimum annual income of $30,000 too. But it also differs a little, because Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card works on a point redemption system.

Every $1 spent entitles you to 10 Reward Points for foreign currency transactions, 5 Reward Points for local dining, and 1 Reward Point for all other spending.

Singsaver Credit Card Comparison Crystal Jade Online

Here’s the catch: your reward points are capped at 20,000 for the year. To put things into perspective, you can redeem a $20 cash voucher from Crystal Jade with 5,000 Reward Points.

On the bright side, you’ll get to live The Good Life, with dining promotions across at least 16 different restaurants. With 1-for-1 promotions from restaurants like Ellenborough Market Café, Le Binchotan and Marriott Café, this card will elevate your dining experience.

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Singsaver Credit Card Comparison Table

If you’re always dining out with a partner or group of friends, then the Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card is great for you. Not to mention, it also converts 1 Reward Point to 0.29 miles, so you can start saving up for your next trip. This means every $1 spent on dining gets you 1.45 miles — pretty impressive, right?

The Citi Cash Back Card is more suitable for casual diners, or those who only splurge on food once in a while. It’s quite a hassle-free all-purpose card, so if you don’t want to handle too many credit cards, this is the card for you.

As for me, I prefer the UOB YOLO Card for its 12% rebate (in the first 3 months). On top of the very attractive daily dining cashback, you can get rebates for Grab too. Very useful for me, considering how frequently I eat out, and also hop on a GrabCar.

If you enjoyed the credit card comparison we did here, then you’ll love SingSaver. They’ll highlight all the features and credit card promotions, with handy filters so that you can find the perfect card for you.

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