The Line (Shangri-La Hotel): Singapore Buffet Review

“Spoilt for choice”

the line restaurant singapore

With charming views of the lush gardens and free form swimming pool of the swanky hotel Shangri La, The Line makes for quite a first impression. Having opened its doors since 16 March 2005, the casual atmosphere is perennially buzzing from breakfast to dinnertime, late in the evenings.

Patrons should prepare themselves for exciting food concepts, immaculate presentation and impeccable service, served with a generous topping of Art.


A spectacular display of modern interior design, The Line is designed by internationally acclaimed interior designer, Adam D. Tihany. Named “The Line” to symbolise continuity in nature, family, culture and life, this is represented by touches like lit orange glass boxes traversing the ceiling and floor space.

the line seafood shangri la

Crustacean Counter. Fresh seafood is served on ice to preserve freshness, and are all available for patrons’ consumption. Featuring a wide array of seafood such as oysters, lobsters and mussels, the generous spread is sure to satisfy any seafood craving you might have had.

shangri la - bread shangri la - platter

Bread buns are freshly baked in full view of the customers to ascertain the quality and freshness of the buns.

shangri la - beef

Roast Beef. Sliced live to your portion required.

the line shangri la japanese

Japanese Counter. Fresh exquisite sashmi is served, and you can ask for the secret Salmon Belly cut that is normally not on display.

the line shangri la chinese cuisine

Salad and Appetizer counter.

the line cheese

Assortment of Cheeses. If you don’t find it too cheesy to have a cheese platter.

The line shangri la fried chicken

Fried Chicken. Because who can resist fried chicken?

shangri la - rojak

Malay Satay and Roti Prata. The Line features a good mix of ethnic dishes as well, including Northern Indian cuisine like Chicken Masala. The prata seems quite soggy though.

shangri la - dimsum

Chinese Dim Sum. There are also classic Chinese restaurant dishes in addition to dim sum. Occasionally there is Liu Sha Bao served as well, but I’m out of luck today.

shangri la mee pok

For the older folks who like their Singaporean Mee Pok, Laksa or Roasted meat, The Line does it too. You don’t have to worry about not finding something that your parents or grandparents will like.

shangri la - chocolate fondue

shangri la - desserts

gelato singapore shangri la

An assortment of desserts for the sweet-toothed at the dessert section of the restaurant. Kids will go crazy here.

Shangri La The Line seafood

Shangri-la the line satay

Well known for the generous all-you-can-eat buffet concept, you will be spoilt for choice with 16 culinary food styles offering a range of cuisine from local delights, Chinese delicacies, exquisite Japanese, hearty Western, healthy salads and more.

The Crustacean counter features a tempting array of the freshest seafood while desserts include unique ice cream teppanyaki, crepes and soufflés, a 1-metre tall chocolate fountain and a magnificent spread of cakes and individually plated creations.

shangri la - champagne

The Sunday Champagne Brunch features free-flow of Taittinger Champagne, red and white wine, draft beer, Bloody Mary, even soft drinks and juices are included. 

The line champagne brunch

Different cuts of meat, an assortment of appetizers and desserts, scores of local delights and many cheeses, the generous spread of food available at The Line is definitely any food lover’s haven. Be careful not to stock up on the items at the very first station you see, save some room in your stomach until you’ve at least finished checking out the spread.

There is definitely something for everyone here at one of the best international buffets in Singapore.

Sunday Champagne Lunch: 12pm – 3pm – $98++ (adult) & $26++ (child); $138++ (Includes free flowing champagne, red and white wine, draft beer, soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea)

Expected Damage: $115/pax

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The Line (Shangri-La Hotel): 22 Orange Grove Road, Lower Lobby, Tower Wing, Singapore 258350 | Tel: 6213 4275 | Website