Beauty In The Pot Delivery: Enjoy Delicious Steamboat From The Comforts Of Your Home

Ever wondered what it would feel like to stay home and still dine extravagantly? For someone who chooses comfort above everything else, I’ve always delighted myself in the fact that brilliant people will always try to make in-home-dining a viable option for the lazy.

It comes as an absolute thrill then that One Paradise has decided to make steamboat delivery an actual thing with Beauty In The Pot delivery! With three different but wonderfully-packed sets to choose from, we went for Beauty Pot Steamboat Set B for 5 pax ($283.55 w GST). We chose both the Spicy Nourishing Broth (Pork Bone Soup) and Beauty Collagen Broth (Shark’s Cartilage Soup), both of which were packed with a ton of flavours and richness.

Apart from the fantastic service that they provide, the way the servers handle the delivery process is impeccable. Utensils like soup ladles, long chopsticks, regular-sized chopsticks, bowls and even toothpicks are provided. The servers who deliver the food items and this marvelous set will come set everything up nicely and will return at the time you set (like 2200) to come collect everything back.

The spread of ingredients that came along with the steamboat was glorious. Not only was the portion of each ingredient generous and more than sufficient for each of us, the vegetables and seafood were kept fresh. Each food item was delivered in disposable food containers and most of the cooking was hassle-free.

For the meats, we had a good selection of  US Wagyu Ribeye, US Kurobuta Pork, Sliced Lamb, Sliced Pork Belly, Sliced Chicken Thigh, Gourmet Chicken Sausage, Pork & Chives Dumpling and Luncheon Meat. And as for the seafood, we had Sliced Toman Fish, Fish Maw, Ebiko Prawn Paste, Fresh Sea Prawns, Japanese Crab Stick, Cuttlefish Ball, Fish Ball, Dried Fish Maw and Fried Fish Skin.

Serving 5 people, the variety of meats and seafood and the portions delivered were overwhelmingly generous. There was more than enough food for everyone.

The grass is always greener on the other side (of the table)…Ha….Excuse my lame attempt at a pun/ wordplay. But for those who value their health and always look out for fresh greens, fret not. The sets all come with a good number of vegetables. In our set, we had Silken Tofu, Black Fungus, Assorted Mushrooms, Sliced Winter Melon, Chinese Cabbage, Tang O, La Mian and Glass Noodles under the “Vegetables Section”.

While La Mian and Glass Noodles don’t necessarily fall under “Vegetables” as much as they do “Carbs”, there was a generous serving of these carb-y food items which made me extremely thrilled.

For a meat-lover like myself, I was very impressed by how the steamboat set offered meats like US Wagyu Ribeye which was beautiful after having been cooked in the simmering broths. I always look out for beefs whenever I go for steamboat meals and I was thus far from disappointed when I found out Beauty in the Pot served these beef darlings.

Another favourite pick of mine from the Meats Selection was the Sliced Pork Belly. They were tasty and succulent when cooked and there was quite a number that came packed in one container so each of us had a good serving of the pork belly.

And as with most steamboat places we go to these days, handmade balls are always sought after. We had the chance to try both the Cuttlefish ball and Fish Ball which were seemingly plain but very savoury what with the balls soaking up the flavours of the broth they have been dunked into.

While I don’t see the huge deal with prawn pastes when it comes to steamboats, most people seem to see the beauty in it and so, if you are the sort that loves to cook prawn paste, the Ebiko Prawn Paste will definitely please your senses. I admit it can be quite entertaining to watch people scoop globs of the paste and hurl them into the broths and to watch the prawn paste emerge as unshapely meat chunks at the surface.

Cooking the food items was not much of a trouble at all as we were equipped with the proper utensils and we simply had to pick what we desired and throw them into the pot. The Beauty Collagen Broth (Shark’s Cartilage Soup) which most who are seeking to maintain “youthful-looking skin” usually go for had just the right amount of salt, was slightly creamy and it filled me up with much warmth.

Meanwhile, the Spicy Nourishing Broth (Pork Bone Soup) was, as the name suggests, rather spicy and its piquant, herbal flavours came through more heavily than the collagen broth. Both were flavourful in their own special ways so I would not rule out either if I were you.

The La Mian cooks quickly and while we did not have the steamboat with any rice, there was a good amount of carbs in our system by the end of the meal. It really is very filling and fulfilling to constantly slurp up bowls of soupy noodles.

Was the in-house steamboat experience fun? Would I do it again? The answer to both those questions is yes, absolutely. It was an undeniably lovely and intriguing experience to have, helping ourselves to countless rounds of rich broths and numerous types of meats. Good food, good company and good fun…What better way to end the week off?

After you’re done, their delivery person comes back to collect back the pots and utensils, so you don’t have to wash anything. Steamboats can be so much more accessible now.

Expected Damage:

Set A: $350 ($374.50 w/GST) For 10 pax, $215 ($230.05 w/GST) For 5 pax

Set B: $450 ($481.50 w/GST) For 10 pax, $265 ($283.55 w/GST) For 5 pax

Set C: $530 ($567.10 w/GST) For 10 pax, $305 ($326.35 w/GST) For 5 pax

More detailed menu information on their website.

One Paradise’s Beauty In The Pot Delivery: Tel: 6465 6565 | Website