10 Best Traditional Singapore-Style Waffles To Relive Your Childhood

Hear ye hear ye! Calling the old, sentimental few in Singapore to gather around and revel in a somewhat distant memory… Traditional Singapore-style Waffles.

Those spongy, mostly pandan-skinned pastries seem to be a thing of the past. And this is mostly because these all-too-familiar pandan waffles which were once more common local comfort food in bakeries have shied and shimmied away from the cruel glare of commercialization.

They are undeniably a dying breed amid the western waffles that are now served at overpriced cafes. This troubled the loyal cheapo in me who appreciates a good ol’ pandan waffle with jam and for that very reason, I decided it was time to sniff these magnificently affordable waffles out.

And so, armed with a big appetite and a never-satisfied sweet tooth, I went on my quest to find the best Old School Traditional Waffles. This proved to be rather difficult for the bakeries and bread shops that still offer traditional waffle-making services were located at rather obscure locations and I had to constantly try my luck (many a times to no avail) near malls at different neighborhoods in Singapore.

Either way, for every local out there who loves the taste of these flat folded waffles with jam, join me and my awkwardly-angled hand on an Old School Waffle hunt!

10. Dora Keiki

Dora Keiki

Peanut Butter Waffle ($1.60)

Dora Keiki has become a name synonymous to “Japanese-style Cakes” in Singapore and while this franchise specializes in pastries like Dorayaki and Mochi, this rather plain-looking shop at Woodlands MRT Station also prepares waffles for the jostling crowds at Woodlands.

Unlike most of the waffles I’ve tried, Dora Keiki’s waffle was very thick and creamy, much like their rich Japanese-styled cakes, and while I’m not the biggest fan of heavy pastries, I relished the way the slightly sweet, fluffy waffle went nicely with the peanut butter spread which was both sweet and salty.

Dora Keiki: 30 Woodlands Avenue 1, #01-29, Woodlands MRT Station, Singapore 738343 

9. Cake History (Clementi)

Clementi Cake history

Chocolate Waffle ($1.60)

Throughout my entire quest to find the best traditional waffles, I always had to prepare myself for disappointment for fear my arduous journey to the waffle place would be for naught. The waffles at Clementi Cake History, however, dodgy as it may sound, did not disappoint.

The Chocolate waffle I ordered was slightly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and had a distinct pandan flavour which I really liked. While the chocolate sauce is not the thick, creamy sort that I have a soft spot for, the sweet cocoa sauce used at Cake History Clementi still made for a waffle with a nice balance of sweet and savoury.

Clementi Cake History: 441A Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120441 | Tel: 6659 4146

Cake History (Marsiling)

Cake History Marsiling

Peanut Butter Waffle ($1.40) 

So, as it figures, I stupidly went to Cake History at two different locations only to find out much later that I had patronized the same store. But a different branch. While both bakeries are under Cake History, I did notice that each outlet prepared their waffles in a slightly different way and so, here goes.

At Cake History (Marsiling) I got myself a Peanut Butter Waffle which was surprisingly very good as the peanut butter filling had crunchy bits of crushed up peanuts which I thoroughly enjoyed. The waffle at this Marsiling outlet was softer and had a stronger pandan flavour than the one at Clementi.

And for an added bonus, this shop opens very early and closes rather late so you can get your waffles any time you pass by Marsiling MRT station.

Cake History (Marsiling): 71 Woodlands Ave 3, Singapore 739044 | Monday to Sunday 0430-2330 

8. QBread


Chocolate Waffle ($1.80)

Situated right outside exit A of Boon Keng Station, the strong essence of the pandan waffles at QBread can be sniffed out from a mile away (or at least from the bottom of Exit A’s escalator). The waffle from this shop comes out warm and soft with the outer layer being just a little crunchy.

The chocolate sauce is not the sort I like as much like the one at Cake History, it is not lush but it does melt quite nicely into the hot waffle ridges, making for a sweet sugary treat.

QBread: 102 Towner Road, #01-244, Singapore 322102 | Opens very early 

7. Prima Deli

So sue me, one of my favourite Old School Singapore Waffle is from the popularized award-winning Prima Deli. I’m aware it is rather basic to have this as my choice pick but to justify myself, I appreciate my pandan waffles with a proper type of chocolate jam and that is exactly what Prima Deli provides.

If you value quality chocolate jam and like your Old School Waffles thick and toasty, I suggest you stick to the good ol’ Prima Deli. If you’d much rather have your waffles with a heavier pandan flavour, visit Bahulu Warisan or Galicier instead.

Prima Deli (Available at various locations): Blk 123 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-511, Singapore 310123 | Monday to Saturday 0800-2030, Sunday 0800-1900 | Tel: 6258 1511 | Main Office Tel: 6276 3333 | Website

6. Juz Bread

Juz Bread

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Waffle ($2)

JuzBread was a bakery I frequented while I was still schooling and with good reason too. Apart from the tasty selection of breads they sell, the waffles they make are rather delicious. Unlike most of the other waffles I’ve tried so far, the waffle at this bread shop is crunchier and more biscuit-like (while still being soft and fluffy when ripped).

I always order a mix between the Chocolate and Peanut butter sauce at JuzBread mostly because both flavours go quite beautifully together and while yet again, I’m not a fan of the chocolate sauce they use, I can’t deny that their waffles are fantastic. To top things off, I always order their chilled Honey Lemon Aloe Vera drink ($2.90) to go along with my heavy waffle to achieve a nice balance between light and heavy.

JuzBread: Blk 28 Rivervale Crescent, #01-95, Singapore 130028 | Monday to Saturday 0800-2200, Sunday 0800-2100 | Tel: 6489 6062

5. Causeway Deli

Causeway Deli

Blueberry Waffle ($1.50) 

Tracking down this bread shop was not an easy feat and while it is mostly because I am an illiterate when it comes to decoding google map’s directions, Causeway Deli was well tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Woodlands’ main roads. Despite the apparent “ulu-ness” of Causeway Deli, this incredibly modest shop that sells traditional cakes and pastries run by a genial man won me over with its waffles.

Simple yet decadent. Much like the shop’s setting, the waffles from this shop have an austere simplicity but paired with the candied blueberry jam, the pillow-y confectionery increased my dopamine levels by tenfold.

Causeway Deli: Blk 19, Marsiling Lane, #01-S21 | Monday to Sunday 0430-2200 

4. Bread Garden


I stumbled upon Bread Garden by pure chance and mostly because I took the wrong bus and came to a part of town that I was not familiar with.

I was thrilled when I saw the conventional waffle-making equipment at this very ordinary bread shop from across the street. The cheese waffle was glorious. The waffle on its own was fluffy and sweet.

With the cheese, there was just the right amount of saltiness, which complimented the sweetness well. To top things off, the two ladies who were running the store were very sweet and full of smiles and that was a definite bonus.

Bread Garden: Bukit Batok East Avenue 3, Blk 283, #01-257,  Singapore 650283 | Monday to Sunday 0630-2200 |Tel: 9795 6033

3. Garden Pastry and Cake

Garden pastry and cake

Chocolate Waffle ($1.80) 

It was apparent from the second I located Garden Pastry and Cake that it was a popular ‘bread haunt’ for many of the Aljunied Crescent residents. I had to wait a good 25 minutes to get my freshly-made Chocolate Waffle, which did not bother me all too much as there were seats right outside the confectionery and the neighbourhood was rather tranquil.

As for the waffle, it was definitely worth the wait. The waffle was incredibly fragrant, tasted strongly but not overwhelmingly of pandan essence and the chocolate sauce had a beautiful consistency which fit the spongy waffle nicely.

Garden Pastry & Cake Pte Ltd: Blk 95, Aljunied Crescent, #01-505 | Tel: 6745 5706 | Website

2. Bahulu Warisan

Bahulu Warisan

Kaya Waffle ($1.40)

This Halal shop was another I found purely by accident but was extremely glad that I did. The waffle from this nondescript shop that sells many other traditional pastries is very thick, velvety and warm which makes for the perfect comfort food on a rainy day.

I liked the waffle from this place particularly because the pandan flavours of the waffle came through very strongly and there was an added sweetness from the kaya jam.

Bahulu Warisan: 25 Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 330025 | Monday to Sunday 0800-2000 | Tel: 6265 2343

1. Galicier Confectionery

Galicier Confectionery

While it is known mostly for its cakes, I made a trip down to this bakery just to get my traditional waffle fix. I was not disappointed. The waffle was thick with pandan flavours and oozing with kaya jam which I thought made for a very lovely mid-day snack. Would definitely recommend this Old School Waffle.

Galicier Confectionery: 253 Serangoon Central Dr, Singapore 550253 | Monday to Sunday 0700-2200| Tel: 6382 3769

Aaand that’s all folks. This list, I’m sure is not complete as I think it is almost near impossible for me to ferret out all these obscure bakeries and bread shops around Singapore and pick those that serve justifiably good Old School Waffles so I hope this list will suffice for now.

If any fellow mate out there would like to recommend an Old-School-Waffle-selling place near your house or workplace (or have a good Waffle pun), please do make your voice be heard. I have not grown entirely sick of these waffles just yet so I’ll definitely head down to give your recommended spot a try.