10 Most Pimped Up Chicken Dishes You Can Get in Singapore

Chicken – the most basic kind of meat that most of us now give barely any thought to – has been making its way back into the trendy food scene in Singapore with funky new chicken dishes. With a little added twist, this simple yet wonderfully supple meat can tantalize your taste buds beyond recognition and leave you bewildered.

Getting to most of these dishes is chicken feet, so for chicken-meat-lovers out there, do yourself a favour and hunt down these one-of-a-kind chicken dishes.

1. KFC Parmesan Chicken with Truffle-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce

KFC Parmesan Chicken with Truffle-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce

Cheese and truffle-flavoured food are all the rage now, but imagine these two combined into one sauce, savoured with finger lickin’ good chicken? That’s truly a taste of indulgence not to be missed. Lo and behold, this is what’s selling at KFC right now.

KFC Parmesan Chicken with Truffle-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce 2

Apart from the unique sauce, the chicken is hand-breaded in-store, coated in golden breadcrumbs and cooked to a beautiful golden crisp. This is different from the usual KFC’s Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy that we are familiar with.

The freshly cooked chicken is then topped with grated Parmesan cheese for a hint of cheese flavour. However, the real cheese punch comes when dipped in the creamy Cheddar sauce, where the infused truffle flavour makes it all that more finger-lickin’ worthy without being overwhelming. Sadly, life is not always too kind and good things don’t always last, KFC’s Parmesan Chicken with Truffle-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce will only be available till early May 2016 before it exists only in our taste buds’ memories. This promotion is available at all KFC restaurants except Sentosa and Zoo.

2. Chicken Waffles

Chicken Waffles

The next chicken dish that I really enjoyed and thought was quite uncommon in Singapore is Chicken Waffles. The name of the dish is straightforward and the flavours, rather explosive. Coupled with the sweet waffle and its drizzled syrup, the salty and highly savoury fried chicken’s flavours power through to create quite a sensation in your mouth.

You can find these delicious chicken waffles at Southern American restaurants.

3. Ultra Spicy Wings

Spicy chicken wings

This is the only dish from this entire list that I will refrain from urging people to actively try- it’s not for the faint-hearted.

For the masochistic daredevils out there, you may have a go here but if the rest of the population chickens out (ha ha) from a challenge rather easily, the Ultra Spicy Wings are definitely not for you.

These BBQ hot wings of increasing spiciness are not to be had for their flavours but for their ability to make you reconsider your entire life. Various establishments sell these chicken wings with different degrees of spiciness.

4. Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev

This Chicken Kiev dish was glorious. It was my first time trying Russian cuisine when I encountered this beauty recently and I have no regrets.

The dish comprises of a tender, boneless chicken breast rolled in herbs, butter and garlic, coated with eggs and breadcrumb then baked to golden brown perfection. The fact that this hearty dish which melts in your mouth with every sumptuous bite does not make you feel “jelat” after is a definite bonus too.

5. Salt-Baked Chicken

Salt-baked Chicken

People are ingenuous beings and the ways with which Man have learnt to cook their foods are highly impressive. The Salt-Baked Chicken is one example of a delicious food born from the scorching of an entire bird in coarse salt.

The chicken pieces not only come out tender and incredibly juicy but the smoky and savoury flavours of the chicken are brilliant.

6. Salted Egg Chicken Wings

Salted Egg Chicken

Salted Egg has been trending in Singapore recently and it is completely understandable why most adore the smooth, salty add-on. Most of the novelty may have worn off by now but it goes without saying that many of these swanky new Salted Egg dishes are here to stay for good.

One of the selected few is Salted Egg Chicken Wings. Whilst it is not difficult to hunt down a joint selling this popular dish, the ones that hit home are brilliantly-fried and not overly-greasy

7. Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver

For the uninitiated, Chicken Yakitori joints pride themselves in serving up all parts of the chicken imaginable. If you happen to visit a traditional joint, you might find Chicken Tori Liver on the menu.

I was initially hesitant to try the rather innocuous-looking but strange-sounding yakitori dish, but the Chicken Tori Liver essentially tasted like rich chicken slathered in savoury teriyaki sauce, with a twist on the textures. The chunks were tender like regular ol’ chicken at some parts and much softer at others which I found rather intriguing.

8. Chicken Lollipop


If you enjoy your spices (and not in the Ultra-Spicy-Wings kind of way), you should definitely opt for a hot and peppery fix of Chicken Lollipops. Quite unlike its docile-sounding name, Chicken Lollipops are fiery, both taste-wise and look-wise while they spot a mean, piquant flavour.

This Indian-Chinese dish is, to me, like an eccentric Chindian child of Har Cheong Gai and Spicy Tandoori Chicken. Delicious, really.

9. 7-up Grilled Chicken


Now, I thought it would be essential to include the final two dishes, which are not necessarily available in local eateries but are mere recipes (simple ones) that you can prepare for yourself at home.

For the 7-Up Grilled Chicken recipe, the 7-up soda helps not only to sweeten but to tenderize your plump slab of chicken. The trick to teasing out all the flavours of the chicken and of the soda is to ensure your chicken is very well-marinated and you’ll be digging in to a simple yet delectable home-cooked dish.

10. Coca-Cola Chicken Wings


And last but not least, Coca-Cola Wings. It may sound like a rather ordinary chicken dish that may have been around for a long while now but I’ll bet approximately 90 percent of you folks out there have yet to try this dish.

Coca-Cola Wings recipe, much like Chicken Waffles, have achieved a perfect blend of sweet and savoury, are ridiculously tasty with their juicy, glazed skins and will make for a very addictive snack.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with KFC Singapore