Restaurant SELA: Modern Asian Singapore Restaurant Review with 1-for-1 mains

Modern Asian with Japanese craft beers.


We are all familiar with Purvis Street, littered with restaurants and quaint joints. What we know less of is Seah Street, which is located just one street away where Restaurant SELA lies.


With an interior that is minimal, simple and modern chic, Restaurant SELA is quite the new kid on the block. Having only opened for just under two years, it has been nominated for World Gourmet Summit’s Best New Restaurant of the year for two consecutive years.


What truly sets Restaurant SELA apart from the other places on the street is how they have a good collection of Japanese sakes and craft beers for pairing with their food.

Japanese Craft Beers ($18 – $22). Forget the usual Sapporo or Kirin when you’ve got access to these very limited stock of craft beers from the Niigata, Yamanashi prefecture and many more. These beers do not contain any preservatives, explaining their short shelf life and also their rarity. The distilleries in Singapore that produces them are only serving two countries – their domestic market and Singapore’s.

So yes, Restaurant SELA is proud to be one of the very few places that stocks exclusive Japanese crafts beers and there will always be something for everyone. There are the lighter lagers that are floral and very refreshing, or the more robust and slightly cocoa in flavour ones. While it is on the steeper side, I’d say it’s definitely worth your money.


Country Bread Basket ($8). A selection of breads served warm, pair it with their in house cafe de paris butter that resembles a pate and you bet it’s creamy and aromatic.


Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops ($25). Served with asparagus, pan seared tomatoes, pumpkin puree and salted egg cream, the scallops are exceedingly supple and rich in flavour. The seared after taste lingers for a bit and pairs well with the greens for the balancing of flavours.


Roasted King Oyster Mushroom ($16). The tangy and zesty sesame soy dressing gives extra fragrance to the roasted king oyster mushrooms, which are crunchy in texture. The roasted beetroot lends a slight sweetness to the mesclun salad and all combines well to give an appetising starter.


Lamb Rack ($40). I know of people who are afraid of lamb because of the gamey taste, case in point my dining partner. But after trying a tiny bite of this, she went ahead to have one to herself.

Served with baby carrots, braised parsnip, mashed potato and mint dressing the lambs are not overly gamey but still packed with flavour. The sweet mint oil complements the lamb and the only thing I wished for was that I have requested for a medium rare doneness.


Baked Miso Chilean Seabass ($40). Okay let’s get this straight, I love fish in all forms. We’re talking about sashimi, steamed, pan fried or deep fried. So when you serve me a plate of fish, I have really high expectations of it because you don’t mess with my favourite.

Restaurant SELA sure didn’t mess up anything with their baked miso chilean seabass. It is creamy and buttery with a slightly crispy skin. Very umami, the ikura atop adds the extra decadence while the braised and boiled greens balances out the flavours.


Gula Melaka Creme Caramel ($15). A creme creme caramel custard pudding that isn’t too creamy or overly sweet. It sits in a sweet pool of gula melaka that gives the pudding more flavour and has hints of tanginess from the berries. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a lighter option but I am really a decadent dessert sort, the fudge brownies are more of my cuppa tea.


Fudge Brownies ($14). It is decadent and rich, with chopped up nuts that provides aroma and texture. Drizzled with chocolate sauce, it is baked to a crisp on the outside yet remaining warm and lusciously soft and chewy on the inside. Full as I am, I went straight ahead shamelessly.

Restaurant SELA had my attention with their Japanese craft beers and fully seduced me with their seabass. I really liked their interior, permeating a clean and stylish atmosphere to dine in.

So yes, I’d recommending checking Restaurant SELA out for lunch.

Expected Damage: $70 -$80 per pax.

Restaurant SELA: 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388 | Tel: +65 6337 6358 | Website


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