Customer’s nightmare dining experience goes viral after being mocked by restaurant staff in Malacca

What was supposed to be a delicious lunch with her family very quickly became an unforgettable nightmare for this one diner who had to endure verbal abuse by the restaurant staff. The customer who goes by the name SisYana Lashes wrote on Facebook on 8 June 2022 that this was not her first time patronising Restoran 35.

Restoran 35 - Family dining

SisYana had actually brought her family from Singapore to the restaurant in Malacca to try their tasty dishes.

She wrote: “I asked the restaurant staff — are these the only dishes that’s left? The lady replied yes and there still were remaining stingray dish, so I ordered it. If the dish is sold out, she could have just easily replied it’s sold out, but instead the lady retorted ‘you came at such a time where even if there was an elephant, even the elephant would be gone’.”

Restoran 35 - dishes

Stomach growling, SisYana ignored the lady’s words and placed an order for her family. But it did not end there. To her disdain, all through the meal, she added that her entire family had to undergo the nightmare of Restoran 35’s staff gossiping and mocking them loudly. And when her bill arrived, she was horrified that it had racked up to RM240.

SisYana explained in her Facebook post that the most hurtful moment was when the restaurant staff insulted her for ordering an omelette. She wrote: “Was it really necessary for the lady to go about saying ‘eating just omelette — if you have no money, don’t bother to bring your parents out to eat’. That sentence really ripped my heart to shreds.”

According to her, till the very end of the meal, not a single apology was uttered to her or her family over the employee’s unkind words. “Before this I have heard news about the restaurant employee’s infamous way of speaking, but it takes hearing it in person to really feel the pain,” she added.

To date, SisYana’s Facebook post has racked up 7.4K shares and 200 over comments.

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Restoran 35

G22, Jalan Pm 5, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Restoran 35

G22, Jalan Pm 5, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia