IKEA Malaysia dishes out cute little shark buns with red bean filling at RM4.90

If you’re not aware, one of IKEA’s most recognisable plushies is the Blahaj (pronounced blah-hah). It’s also known as the cuddly shark plushie. Now, IKEA Malaysia as taken their love for the beloved blue fish to the next level by selling adorable shark buns at RM4.90 per fish.

IKEA Malaysia - shark buns
Credit – IKEA Malaysia

While sharks have been demonised in pop culture due to their size, scary-looking teeth, fret not, for IKEA Malaysia’s shark buns are a lot sweeter thanks to the yummy red bean filling. Previously released in Singapore and Taiwan, these delicious shark buns finally made their way to Malaysian shores as a school holiday special.

According to IKEA Malaysia’s website, this limited offer is available till stocks last. So be sure to run to the IKEA near you and get your hands (or fins) on it!

IKEA Malaysia - shark plushie
Credit – IKEA Malaysia

The meter-long stuffed shark plushie gained its popularity back in 2019. This began when people began posting photos of the shark plushie doing human things like enjoying a pleasant fall picnic, or working at a laptop.

On IKEA Malaysia’s website, the shark plushie (now sold out) is described as “big and safe to have by your side if you want to discover the world below the surface of the ocean. The blue shark can swim very far, dive really deep and hear noises from almost 250 meters away.”

If you were one of the many who were unable to get your hands on this popular shark plushie, swim your way to an IKEA Malaysia near you now before its sold out. It’s definitely a jaw-some treat!

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