Rosso Vino, Robertson Quay: Authentic Italian fare served till midnight for your supper fix

When I think Italian, I immediately think of family, food, and a whole lot of wine. And that’s what Rosso Vino at Robertson Quay is all about. Besides, what more can you expect from a place that literally means ‘red wine’ when translated into English? 

Image of restaurant's exterior

Having been to Robertson Quay for the bulk of my life, I can’t believe I’ve not heard of, let alone dined at Rosso Vino. However, it’s no surprise, considering how they’re tucked away at the end of the stretch, but retain the beautiful waterfront view. 

What I tried 

Like every Italian joint I’ve been to, having burrata for starters is a staple. Alas, my dairy-rejecting body can only have so much of it before it starts acting up like an angsty teenager. 

Image of Bufala e Prosciutto

I started off with the Bufala e Prosciutto (S$22). What can I say? The dish came with the fresh burrata wrapped inside layers of parma ham, akin to a toddler stuffed in a thick winter jacket, atop a bed of cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves. 

Close up of Bufala e Prosciutto

I immediately did what everyone in my seat would, and proceeded to cut the burrata in half. Watching it ooze with creamy goodness gets me every time. I’d suggest pairing each burrata portion with parma ham to balance the creaminess and saltiness of both ingredients. 

Image of Capellini al Granchio e bisque di Aragosta

Moving on to the mains, I was first greeted with a hearty plate of rich flavours of the sea— Capellini al Granchio e bisque di Aragosta (S$28). Essentially a mouthful to say, the dish consists of angel hair pasta in lobster bisque and crab meat sauce. 

Close up of Capellini al Granchio e bisque di Aragosta

I took my first bite and immediately bit into what seemed like sand-like particles. Nevertheless, I brushed it off and was surprised at how the sweet dish wasn’t as briny as I expected it to be. If you love your seafood, this is one dish not to be missed.

Image of Penne al Tartufo e Funghi Porcini

Truffle has been a huge deal in the F&B scene over the past few years. So, it’s no surprise that Rosso Vino’s Penne al Tartufo e Funghi Porcini (S$25) is the restaurant’s best-seller. I immediately got a strong whiff of aromatic truffles as soon as the dish hit the table, and couldn’t wait to dig in.

Close up of Penne al Tartufo e Funghi Porcini

Generously tossed with heaps of porcini mushrooms in truffle sauce, the penne alone was al dente— as it should be. Unlike many places I’ve been to, the pasta here’s light and creamy, and instantly became a hit on my table because we wiped it clean! I knew my folks at home would love this dish, and ended up getting a serving of it to-go. 

Image of Vulcano Pizza

Instead of going for a regular cheese pie, I opted for the Chef’s Special— the Vulcano Pizza (S$38). Only available till 7 March 2022, the pizza, resembling a volcano, came with a blue flame in the middle, stuffed with tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, and pepperoni. And the star of the dish: flaming sambuca; fret not, the dish won’t get you drunk.

Close up of Vulcano Pizza

If you’re familiar with sambuca, you’d know that the liqueur has a tinge of sweetness to it. So, when combined with the unseemingly doughy crust and savoury ingredients, it didn’t sit well with me. Theatrics aside, it’s advisable to share this dish with your friends as the three of us on the table found it a challenge to finish it in one sitting. But it could also be due to us stuffing our faces with the other dishes prior. 

Collage of desserts

Ending the night on a sweet note; it was time for dessert! I was spoilt for choice, however, the top two dishes of the night were definitely the Tiramisu (S$16) and Panna Cotta (S$13)

Close up of Tiramisu

Not a fan of coffee, the Tiramisu blew me away with its perfectly ratioed ingredients. It wasn’t too creamy or rich, and was ‘just right’— something Goldilocks would be down for if she wasn’t too busy breaking into the homes of bears and stealing their bowls of porridge.  

Close up of Panna Cotta

The wiggly Panna Cotta also deserves a bit of air time, given its refreshing flavour profiles. Topped with sweet raspberry sauce, the Italian milk pudding had a good balance between the sweetness and sourness of the berries.

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Final thoughts

If you’re all about dining with a view, Rosso Vino is the place for you. I generally find that authenticity and finesse in international cuisines are rare to find. Over at Rosso Vino, they serve up a slew of decent food that seems to be in line. 

Besides, do you know of any Italian joints that are open till midnight? That’s right. The next time you’re craving Italian for supper, and make your way down to Robertson Quay for a hearty Italian spread. 

Expected damage: S$20 – S$40 per pax 

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Rosso Vino

15 Merbau Road , Singapore 239032

Our Rating 4/5

Rosso Vino

15 Merbau Road , Singapore 239032

Operating Hours: 3pm - 12am (Mon to Sat), 12pm - 12am (Sun)

Operating Hours: 3pm - 12am (Mon to Sat), 12pm - 12am (Sun)
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