Salt Grill & Sky Bar: Get Your Swank On With Fine Dining & Panoramic Views At ION Orchard

Salt Grill And Sky Bar Store Front

Now this is what I call an elevated dining experience. Situated on the 55 & 56 level of ION Orchard, Salt Grill & Sky Bar boasts stunning views overlooking the city skyline. The upscale, modern, and classy interior coupled with its panoramic views is sure to take your fine dining experience up a notch.

The restaurant serves Australian contemporary cuisine headed by Head Chef Jake Kowalewski, and offers an exquisite gourmet selection of the best Australian produce. So if you’re looking for a true blue Australian dining experience, you’re in for a real treat!


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First on our menu, Oysters In 3 Ways (6 for $39, 12 for $75). This was a platter of oysters originating from Ireland dressed in three different ways, each with a unique taste to activate your appetite.

One delightful combination was oysters served with a drizzle of tangy mignonette shallots dressing; a classic that everyone will love. Another variation was oysters dressed in Hendrick’s gin and cucumber granita, which had a fascinating combination of flavours that left a lasting sweet and refreshing after-taste.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar 13

We also got a taste of the oysters garnished with wasabi tobiko, Avruga caviar with soy and sesame. The crunchy texture paired with the burst of flavours that came with every bite was certainly ecstasy for our taste buds.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar 04

If you’re looking for a truly Australian dish, look no further. The next dish was the Fremantle Octopus, Kipfler, Watercress, Crustacean Oil ($34). The octopus is specially sourced from Western Australia, and slow-cooked to tender perfection at 75 degrees for five hours in the perfect blend of spices.

The juicy octopus was served with kipfler potato, crustacean oil, water cress puree, sea fennel and crème fraiche. I found this dish particularly enticing as it showcased the beautifully intense flavours of the sea.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar 01

For those who prefer savouring something more subdued, you’ll fancy the Burrata, Leek, Fig, Confit Tomato, Olive, Basil, Aged Balsamic ($29). The Italian burrata is served with a mixture of confit tomato, Japanese breadcrumbs, buttered braised leeks, dried olives and figs that was mildly pleasant. The synergy between the crunchy dish and the creamy burrata will keep you coming back for more.


Salt Grill & Sky Bar 06

Next up was the highlight of the tasting for me – the 21-Day Dry Aged O.P Ribeye To Share ($258 [Subject To Market Price]), with slow-roasted tomatoes in balsamic and olive oil. The aroma of the dish will send a jolt to your senses, as you salivate in anticipation while the server plates your portion of the dish.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar 05

Dig into the luscious meat, evenly coated with a pink hue and a light, crisp outer layer. Paired with either the Pepper Sauce or the Madeira Jus made from beef stock and red wine, the meat was enhanced sensationally. 

Feel the richness of the fats melt away as it coats the inside of your mouth, and savour the smoky after-taste while delving into the sweet burst of flavours from the tomatoes.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar 12

And make sure you enjoy the sweet, earthy flavours of the Australian truffle mash on the side to complete the luxurious tasting experience.


For the final course, we were treated to three contrasting styles of desserts.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar 03

The restaurant’s signature Liquorice, Lime, Blueberry, Chocolate ($18) is a mousse that’s lined with Sambuca sponge and a lime segment in the middle, topped with Penrod jelly, chocolate soil and poached blueberries. If you’re expecting your typical sweets for this dessert, you’ll be thrown off by the savoury, spicy punch upon the first bite. 

 Salt Grill & Sky Bar 11

On to the Tim Tam’s & Milk ($18) — give the deconstructed version of the Australian’s all-time favourite biscuit a go! Enjoy your Tim Tam’s in a ganache, chantilly cream and feuillitine, paired with either a light milk ice cream or 70% dark chocolate rolls. If you’re all about creamy textures, this dessert might be the one for you.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar 09

And finally, a great way to end off the meal would be the Tasmanian Honey & Thyme Panna Cotta, Strawberry, Macadamia ($18), a pudding-textured panna cotta infused with a mellow tropical flavour. The fine combination of the Tasmanian honey and thyme with compressed strawberries laced in lime is glazed with a refreshing strawberry liqueur, which ended our feast on a delicate note. 

Our experience at Salt Grill & Sky Bar was nothing short of magnificent. From the sweeping views of the city’s landscape, to its elegant setting, and the supreme quality of the food fare delivered meticulously by their culinary team, this restaurant deserves a glorious standing ovation.

Expected damage: $135++ – $150++ per pax 

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Salt Grill & Sky Bar: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #55-01, Singapore 238801| Tel: +65 6592 5118 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 11am – 1.45pm (Lunch), 6pm – 9.45pm (last order for Dinner) | Website | Facebook