Catch These Pikachu Mooncakes From Arome Bakery In Hong Kong

Take a pika at these adorable Pikachu Custard Mooncakes (HKD$135) that have been launched on Arome Bakery‘s website.

Online Pikachu Mooncake

Arome Bakery is a Hong Kong-based bakeshop that sells Japanese-inspired confectioneries. Their creations are usually cute and ‘gram-worthy. With the Mid-Autumn festival just around the corner, Arome Bakery is collaborating with The Pokemon Company to produce a licensed line of Pikachu Custard Mooncake.

Online Pikachu Mooncake 2

The 210mm x 56mm brightly designed Pikachu gift tin will contain four mooncakes each. Each mooncake will weigh about 45 grams.


Online Pikachu Mooncake 1

Unlike most the traditional mooncakes that have red bean or lotus paste in it, these milky mooncakes are made with French butter and light cream. It comes with a thick layer of coconut, and egg custard encrusted in the Pokeball-shaped mooncake shell. The subtle blend of ingredients will give a sweet and smooth taste.

Online Pikachu Tote Bag

Each purchase will come with a special tote bag with a Pikachu design on it!

Arome Bakery only ships within Hong Kong so if you have friends who are travelling there or family staying there, make sure you get them to bring some back for you.

Dates & Times: Pre-order now to receive between 20 July – 25 August 2019 | Available on Arome Bakery’s website

Prices: HKD$135 per box