New in town: Section D, Sengkang — Home-based cocktail bar for the libation enthusiast

Private Dining has been on the rise as of late. It’s quite a unique affair where you are served a (usually scrumptious) meal in the relaxed atmosphere of someone’s home— truly, the experience is unlike any other. But what about a home bar? The first of it’s kind; Section D is your friendly neighbourhood bar in the ever-exciting locale of Sengkang that promises a good time and tipples to remember.

Opened by cocktail enthusiasts, Section D welcomes visitors right into their home to drink and hang out over their cocktail creations. Developed with a personal touch, their drinks such as Beer My Baby (S$16) and The Proposal (S$16) promises to tell a story as you sip. Section D prides themselves on being hyper-local, and it shows.

To complete the cocktail bar experience, they also serve light bites such as Honey Wings (S$7) and Truffle Gyoza (S$9). Although, we wouldn’t recommend coming here with empty stomachs, of course. Sengkang does have a plethora of dining establishments to visit for a hearty dinner or two.

This sounds like such a unique experience and one that I would have to cross off my bucket list. While bars are great and all, nothing compares to imbibing in the cosy enclave of someone’s home. It’s a refreshing change of scenery from the usual too loud and dimly lit bars we’re all tired of, and best of all: no crowds. The introvert in me is screaming.

As a home bar, Section D does not do the usual ‘9 to 5’ for bars, so do send them a message via Instagram or email to work out a time with them.

To keep it even more authentic, their Instagram feed also includes a regular ‘Ingredients of the week’ post that teases what’s to come. It’s a clever way to impart that homely weekly grocery shopping vibe within the premise of a cocktail bar experience.

If you’re looking for a quiet space to hang out over drinks and light bites, Section D home bar is definitely one to check out. Grab some friends, come with bellies filled, and have a roaring good time.

Price: $

Section D

85 Anchorvale Crescent, Singapore 544627


Section D

85 Anchorvale Crescent, Singapore 544627