Shake Mee: Forget About Using Chopsticks & Spoons, Mix Your Noodles By Shaking Them Up At JEM

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Shake Mee is a new F&B concept by famous Malaysian brand Face to Face Noodle House. Recently launched in March 2017, it is located at Cookhouse by Koufu @ JEM. The name itself piqued my interest: What has shaking got to do with noodles?

Basically, Shake Mee will serve your noodles in a bowl together with a cover, in which you have to shake it before you eat. It reasoned that the ingredients mix better when shaken compared to the traditional way of mixing with your spoon and chopsticks. Mmm…sounds interesting.

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Shake Mee boast a fun and interesting Japanese storefront concept, the stall is hard to miss with all its bright displays and visual board. Don’t forget to take a photo with the adorable mascot at the counter.

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The effort placed in a simple bowl are labor intensive as all the ingredients from the noodles to the chili sauce are hand prepared.

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Shake Mee offers one Kolo Mee and four Pan Mee in different styles, including sides of chicken pops in two flavors. All photos are taken before I shook them to messy bowls of goodness.

Each bowl of noodles comes in two sizes: Kawaii bowl ($3.30) which is a petite serving, and Ippai bowl ($6) which serves regular serving. The noodles in this post are all in Kawaii bowl size.

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The Curry Pan Mee ($3.30) comes with corn, carrot, hashbrown and chicken popcorn. This bowl looks small but it is surprisingly filling, the noodles are springy and the ingredients complemented the noodles well. The curry taste is more sweet than spicy in my opinion.

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The Creation Pork Pan Mee ($3.30) consists of braised egg, Kai Lan, cracker, and creation pork. The pork tasted really juicy and well-seasoned, which satiate my taste buds.

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The House Specialty Pan Mee ($3.30) is filled with anchovies, Kai Lan, minced meat and onsen egg. A definite must-try dish as the ingredients mixed perfectly together, which is delicious and hearty.

Shake Mee-10

The Chili Pan Mee($3.30) is my favorite dish. It is the exact same as House Specialty Pan Mee with anchovies, Kai Lan, minced meat and onsen egg, except this includes an in-house chilli. A warning though, it is dangerously spicy.

Shake Mee also sells the chilli individually at $0.10 each to prevent wastage. Often, customers underestimated the strength of the spice, so have a taste of it first before deciding to get more chilli.

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The only dish with different noodles than Pan Mee, the Kolo Mee ($3.30) includes fried Wanton, kai lan, minced meat, char siew. You can choose if you want to add dark sauce or red sauce, I chose both and I would recommend getting the traditional one as the dark sauce was too salty for me.

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Takeaway portion vs dine in portion: Shake Mee does not compromise its quality and quantity for takeaway diners.

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I recommend getting a side dish of the Chicky Pops ($2.90 each). Sea-Yo-Later is drenched in mayonnaise with seaweed and sesame while K-pops is drenched with Korean Spicy Sauce with Sesame. I prefer Sea-Yo-Later as it provides a more refreshing taste while eating your noodles.

The flavors in the noodles are better spread when you shake them compared to a traditional mix. It adds a fun element surprisingly, I actually felt an inner satisfaction shaking it all around.

Shake Mee would be an ideal place to bring kids given the options of smaller portions.

Prices have been reduced since its opening to stay competitive. If you hold a Koufu member card, you get a 10% discount.

Expected Damage: $6 – $10 per pax

Shake Mee: Cookhouse by Koufu@Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road Singapore 608549 | Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily | Tel: 9783 4183 | Facebook