5 Sweet Treats From Shopee You Can Deliver to Your Loved Ones

Having endured more than a month of ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, I’m pretty sure most of us are tired of being cooped up at home. More than ever, we are probably missing our families and friends not seeing them face-to-face since the start of April 2020. 

Since it will possibly take a couple more months of gradual easing till we really get to meet our loved ones, why not show them that they are still in our hearts by sending a care package to last them through the day? Here are five ideas of some sweet treats which you can get delivered from Shopee to a friend or family member to express your love and care during this difficult time!

1. Rainbow Lapis Kueh Sharing Boxes

Shopee Sweet Treats Online 1

Old school, traditional and nothing short of yummy, nonya kuehs are one of the few food items in Singapore that have transcended generations and are still loved by both the young and old. If you are planning to send a box of surprise to a friend or colleague who has their parents and kids staying with them, Rainbow Lapis’s Kueh Sharing Boxes will be an ideal choice. 

Handcrafted with quality ingredients and made using less sugar, the Kueh Sharing Boxes (S$25.65S$37.80) are available in four variations and comes in a set of 12 kuehs. To make your recipient’s tea time complete, you can also pick a tea of your choice as an add-on item to be delivered with the kuehs.

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Kueh Sharing Boxes aside, Rainbow Lapis is also famous for their aromatic and sinfully buttery Kueh Lapis which can also be found on their Shopee page. Just be reminded to place your orders at least two working days in advance for both delivery and self-collection to avoid any disappointment!

Rainbow Lapis Kueh Sharing Boxes: Available on Shopee

2. Emicakes Durian Shiok Bundle

Durian lovers rejoice as your favourite season of the year is finally here. Despite the on-going COVID-19 situation, durian season is here to stay and you can get your durian fixes though our list of durian delivery services without leaving home!

Shopee Sweet Treats Online 3

For that friend that never fails to jio you for durian sessions every time this period of the year, besides fresh durians, why not consider delivering them a Durian Shiok Bundle from Emicakes? Known for their durian cakes made freshly from real D24 or Mao Shan Wang, Emicakes is now offering their Durian Shiok Bundle which consists of four durian crepes, and a box of 12 durian puffs for just S$39.90.

A perfect fuss-free and quick durian fix any time of the day, these airy puffs and thin crepes in the Durian Shiok Bundle are 100% filled with D24 durian filling. Capturing all the essence and goodness from the king of fruits, wait no longer, and place your orders now to satiate your cravings!

Emicakes Durian Shiok Bundle: Available on Shopee

3. Jenna Macarons Assorted Halal Home Baked Macarons

Shopee Sweet Treats Online 2

How about some colourful macarons to light up a smile on the faces of your loved ones? Best eaten with a cup of English tea or black coffee, macarons make for one of the most ideal mid-day pick-me-up when we are feeling tired and lack motivation.

With 20 different flavours to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when customising the prefect macaron gift box from Jenna Macarons. Aside from classic flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Caramel, there are also unique selections such as Blackcurrant Tea and Lychee Rose specially created for those who prefer macarons with fruity or floral notes!

Shopee Sweet Treats Online 9

For just S$1.99 per macaron, Jenna Macarons is also halal, making them perfect gifts for your Muslim friends as we celebrate this coming Hari Raya!

Jenna Macarons Assorted Halal Home Baked Macarons: Available on Shopee

4. Kukicha Assorted Tea Cookies

With all the TikTok hacks and 3-ingredient recipes flooding our social media, baking has never been made so easy before this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period. Since chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies can be re-created easily in our kitchens, why not shower our friends with cookie treats that are out of the ordinary?

Shopee Sweet Treats Online 4

Just for that special someone who loves all things minimalist with a rustic edge, Kukicha’s Assorted Tea Cookies will certainly make for an excellent gift choice. Retailing in a box of eight, 15, and 30, these tea cookies will awake the cookie monster in you with its rich fragrance and highly addictive crunch!

To get the best of all the flavours available, opt for their Assorted Tea Cookies Box of 15 (S$14.91). Inside the box are Rose Lychee, Lavender, Earl Grey, Matcha, and Chocolate Chamomile cookies that will win your hearts over with its simplistic looks and wonderful taste.

Shopee Sweet Treats Online 5

Aside from cookies, Kukicha also sells an assortment of Swiss Roll Cakes that looked so picturesque even I myself was tempted to purchase. Dressed in baby pink, lavender purple, and royal blue, your recipient will definitely fall in love with these Swiss rolls just by looking at it!

Kukicha Assorted Tea Cookies: Available on Shopee

5. Ritz Apple Strudel

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Established in Singapore since 2000, Ritz Apple Strudel needs no introduction. With 20 years of history, the establishment has since become a house-hold name with franchise outlets scattered across the island. Not only famous for its Apple Strudel, the establishment also offers other flavours such as Peach, Blueberry and Chocolate.

This ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, get a mouth-watering strudel delivered from Shopee. Choose between a half strudel for S$12.50 or a full strudel for just S$23.50. Generously filled with chunky cuts of fruits encased in a light and flaky pastry, Ritz Apple Strudel promises mouthful of subtly sweet delight that can be consumed continuously without guilt!

Ritz Apple Strudel: Available on Shopee

Sweet, savoury or spicy snacks, Shopee offers a variety of snacks and fresh bakes that you can order any time of the day. So wait no longer and start browsing for the perfect item which you can get delivered be it a treat for yourself or a gift to your loved ones!