A Smoke & Mirrors X Hendrick’s collab that just might inspire a night of moonbathing

Curious about having a cosmic night? If you’re an avid gin connoisseur, you’ll love Hendrick’s Gin’s second limited edition release: the Hendrick’s Lunar Gin.

Image of Hendrick's Lunar Gin's bottle

To commemorate the new release, Hendrick’s Gin has partnered with Smoke & Mirrors to give you a lunar-themed evening filled with specially curated inspired cocktails and bar bites. Indulge in a beautiful moonbathing experience with floral and indistinct spices with honeysuckle and musky rose finish.

Image of moonbathing kit

From now till 29 January 2022, Hendrick’s Gin invites you to Smoke & Mirrors to savour three illuminating Lunar Gin Cocktails to redeem an exclusive Moonbathing Kit*. The kit will consist of oddities including a Moonbathing Balm, Moonbathing Mat, and Moon Goggles in a Hendrick’s Lunar Gin Tote Bag.

Close up of Harvest Moon

The bubbly Harvest Moon (S$26++) by Mel Chavez is a cocktail featuring Hendrick’s Lunar Gin with notes of cynar, lime, grapefruit, egg white, and prosecco. It has a herbaceous aftertaste due to the bittersweet cynar, and is garnished with an imprint of Hendrick’s Lunar Gin’s iconic waxing crescent moon. Don’t worry, the drink is perfectly safe for consumption as the imprint is made of edible ink. A peculiar concoction, indeed.

Image of Elixir of Legolas

Here’s one for fans of Lord of the Rings; the Elixir of Legolas (S$28++) by Edu Zamora. Made with bergamot liqueur, cardamom cordial, and peach soda. One sip of this magical cocktail and it instantly took me back to when I used to head to 7-11, grab myself an empty cup of Big Gulp and proceed to fill it up with all five sugary sodas at one go. Yes, I’m still wondering how my teeth haven’t fully decayed, yet.

Close up of crescent moon jelly

It also comes with an edible moon jelly—made in-house—which perfectly complements the sweet and candy-flavoured cocktail. Akin to having a Haribo gummy with your drink; this cocktail is a winner in my books.

Image of Lunar Pixie

Saving the best for last is the Lunar Pixie (S$27++) by Wee Siong. Inspired by the pixies of folklore, the alluring purple-hued cocktail comes with a lychee-coconut and wolfberry cordial and orange bitters. It is also topped with edible gold dust—giving it a cosmic feel. Slightly similar to the Elixir of Legolas, it is a bit milder but didn’t encapsulate the lychee-coconut flavour as much as I’d hope for it to.

Close up of Lunar Pixie

It also comes with a 3D-printed Smoke & Mirrors ice cube. The cocktail didn’t leave me with pixie magic but it sure did sprinkle a handful of pixie dust (and a mad sugar rush) on my very magical evening.

Image of cocktails and bar bites

Wait, don’t leave just yet. If you’re feeling peckish, Smoke & Mirrors also created a lunar-inspired menu for you to savour. A thin-crusted tortilla pizza with figs and walnuts aptly named La Luna Pizza (S$22++) along with Golden Tater Tots (S$8++) and Crescent Flan (S$6++) will be available for a limited period only.

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Make your way down to Smoke & Mirrors today to immersive in a truly illuminating evening as I did, and savour the whimsical lunar-inspired menu.

*Available for a limited time only

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Smoke & Mirrors

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Our Rating 4/5

Smoke & Mirrors

1 St. Andrew's Road, National Gallery, #06-01 , Singapore 178957

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Telephone: +65 9380 6313

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