New in Town: Sol & Ora — Best of Mediterranean cuisine & decor, right here on Sentosa

Few places are as synonymous with sunshine and the beach as the Mediterranean. Exciting new bistro, Sol & Ora— Latin for Sun and Shore— embraces the essence of the Mediterranean way of life in both menu and decor.

Located very appropriately on Sentosa Island and atop the Outpost Hotel, this all-occasion destination is a wonderland of exquisite food and an authentic Mediterranean vibe.

Sol Ora Group Shot
Credit – Sol & Ora

Over 20 countries share the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, making the region’s culture and cuisine among the most vibrant and eclectic in the world. These myriad influences form what is known as the ‘Coastal Way of Life’.

Sol & Ora embraces the Latin-Mediterranean influences epitomised in the food and traditions of Italy, France, Spain and Greece. Fish and seafood abound, as does the freshest produce from the farms.

Sol & Ora - food
Credit – Sol & Ora

Italian house-made and hand-crafted pastas and risottos, Seafood Fregola (S$28) and Sardinian Porcetto (S$78) await your attention, accompanied by French Brioche ‘Parker’ Loaf (S$8) and Artichoke Brie (S$28).

Sol Ora Petite Meze

Spanish favourites, Churros (S$16) and tapas share the stage with Greek Petite Meze (S$22).

With the sun and the shore come the wine and ale— Sol & Ora taps into every influence to transport you to those idyllic shores.

Sol & Ora - drinks
Credit – Sol & Ora

Brise Côtière (S$22) showcases its French ingredients of Grey Goose vodka, Pampelle liqueur, and Lillet Rose. Amalfi Afterglow (S$22) uses Italian Pigskin gin, limoncello and Prosecco. From Greece, there is Old Sport gin, Greek 5-herb tea syrup, and rose syrup in Summer Solstice (S$22). Brandy, blood orange and house-infused carbonated white wine sangria celebrate their Spanish roots in A Night in Ibiza (S$22).

Chope Reservations
Sol Ora Dining Space
Credit – Sol & Ora

As the menu nourishes the palate, the decor serenades the eyes. Spread over 3,000 square feet of light and airy rooftop space, and adjacent to a gorgeous infinity pool, this is the abode of tranquility for your senses. Look beyond and the floor-to-ceiling windows give you an unparalleled view of the beautiful Sentosa coast.

There is little reason not to touch our very own slice of Mediterranean heaven at Sol & Ora.

For opening hours, click here.

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Sol & Ora

10 Artillery Avenue, The Outpost Hotel Level 7, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099951


Sol & Ora

10 Artillery Avenue, The Outpost Hotel Level 7, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099951