The Outpost Hotel Sentosa: Sleek & Romantic Island Getaway With Adults-Only Pool At Sentosa

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has had a staycation or overseas trip ruined by hordes of screaming children, tailed by their frazzled parents. That’s not to say I hate kids, but when I plan a getaway, I do mean a getaway—a block of time to escape from the bustling city, and the cacophony that comes along with it.

So, when I saw that Far East Hospitality was launching The Outpost Hotel Sentosa, branded as an adults-only getaway, I’m not ashamed to admit that I jumped at the chance for a staycation.

Location, Location

Situated at 10 Artillery Avenue, the 193-room The Outpost Hotel shares the same compound as Village Hotel and Barracks Hotel. The compound in question actually has a really interesting history, retaining its British military barracks architecture.

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The Outpost Hotel itself, however, is far sleeker and modern. Set atop a hill overlooking the Singapore Strait, the hotel building cuts a striking image.

Location-wise, it’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle. But given its close proximity to Imbiah Station (five-minute walk) and Universal Studios (10- to 15-minute walk), you’ll still be able to get in on the action. It’s the best of both worlds, truly.

Getting Here

Enter the actual compound, and you might want to revise your opinion. I mentioned earlier that The Outpost Hotel is marketed as an adults-only destination.

Well, Village Hotel next door isn’t.

The two hotels share the same carpark, so make sure you specify The Outpost Hotel if you’re taking a cab in—otherwise, they just might drop you off in the lobby of Village Hotel, which is more often than not, crowded with tourists and families.

If you’re taking public transport, sorry, you’ll have to cut through the lobby. Not the best start for a romantic getaway, especially if you arrive at the busy period around 2pm or 3pm.

The Interior

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The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 22

That said, stepping into The Outpost Hotel’s reception area will put you back in the right frame of mind for a romantic escape. Clean, sleek lines and floor-to-ceiling windows show off the feature wall to its absolute best. The natural light doesn’t go amiss either—#ootd shot, anyone?

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One of the unique things about The Outpost Hotel is that during check-in, you can create your own minibar. Choose from a selection of chocolates, chips, cookies, nuts, and drinks for the perfect personalised snacks and drinks bar. I’m a sucker for industrial chic styles, and the feature wall was luxe industrial to a tee.

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The personalised minibar was handed to me in a gold, polygonal wire-frame basket which wasn’t the most practical, but it was certainly pretty.

The Outpost Hotel offers only one room size; the Deluxe Room which is 24sqm large and can accommodate up to two adults. You can choose from Sea View, Island View, or Pool View, and you can indicate your preference for either king bed or two single beds. Room rates start from S$270 per night.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 2

I was lucky enough to stay in the Deluxe Room (Sea View)—the expansive coastline and horizon greeted me the moment I threw open the curtains. Paired with floor-to-ceiling windows, the sunbeams and comfortable bed was enough to entice me into being a homebody.

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Glossy black marble and crisp white décor create a timeless look for the interior, while the light wood and earthy tones add a touch of Zen (which doesn’t help my decision of staying in bed all day!).

The Bedroom

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 14

I always get cold in hotel rooms, especially with their efficient air-conditioning systems. So, I was delighted to try on the very fluffy and warm bathrobes provided.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 15

Just take a look at the fur lining!

There are also the ubiquitous hotel slippers, though those were fairly ordinary.

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Alternatively, warm up with a cup of hot tea.

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The Outpost Hotel offers signature tea blends from Pryce TeaBritish Breakfast and Siloso Night—which is an award-winning Singapore tea company.

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If your idea of a weekend getaway includes Netflix and chill, or some form of lounging around on the bed, then you’ll be happy to know that you can actually connect to the smart TV in the room and play Netflix on the big screen.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 39

But to truly take comfort to the next level, choose your preferred pillow from their carefully-curated pillow menu. With five different pillow options catering to different sleeping positions and body types, I’m sure you can find the perfect pillow for you. Just give housekeeping a call!

As someone with really tense shoulder and back muscles, I opted for the Memory Foam – Booster Support. I prefer firmer pillows which can really provide enough neck support, and my choice didn’t disappoint.

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My companion made a much more interesting choice—he picked the Fossflakes – Comfort-U Senior Body Support.

Shaped like a long ‘U’, you’re meant to cross the “legs” of the pillow over each other to form a little cosy nest that your upper back can rest comfortably in.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa Online 6

You can use it as a ‘U’ and hug the “legs” as bolsters as well, or fold the “legs” and use it as back support while seated. I tried it too, and though it wasn’t for me—too claustrophobia-inducing—I can see why some swear by it.

I discreetly checked out the price online because I was thinking of gifting him the pillow—it’s a jaw-dropping S$399.20 on the Courts website! So much for a surprise present.

The Bathroom

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The Outpost Hotel tries to keep things sustainable and eco-friendly, so you won’t find bottled water here. Instead, the sink is outfitted with a Hyflux-filtered water dispenser, so you have drinking water at your fingertips.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 7

Speaking of bathroom fittings, let’s talk about the shower. As an absolute fan of the rain shower (what’s not to love?), I almost squealed when I realised that The Outpost Hotel has splurged on shower fittings which allow both the rain shower and hand shower to be used at the same time.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 8

It’s simple enough to activate the two modes too, just by pushing a button. Temperature controls are easily adjusted with the knob, though the water temperature runs a little high.

The shower space is also a lot bigger than most hotels—perhaps to compensate for the lack of bathtub—which makes it spacious enough for two, if you get what I mean.

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Supplied by Australian brand APPELLES, the bath amenities offer a combination of essential oils with botanical extracts for exceptional skin and hair care. The products are also environmentally-friendly and recyclable, without animal testing. I particularly liked the Blackseed Shampoo, which was gentle on my coloured and bleached hair.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 9

One of the things I’ve always felt that hotels in Singapore can improve on is the toilet; specifically, the lack of a bidet in the toilet. At The Outpost Hotel, they go the full nine yards with a touch panel which controls the bidet, the dryer, and adjusting the seat up or down. Even the toilet seat was warmed, a la most Japanese hotels.

The Facilities

Headed down for a swim, I ran into the same snag as before—boisterous children. It’s rather ironic that for a hotel marketed as adults-only, The Outpost Hotel sits right next to a family-friendly hotel. The main pool is open to the young ones too, which is a little disconcerting for those who are here specifically to get away from clamouring children.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 24

Luckily, there is an ‘adults-only’ pool approximately 10 metres away from the main pool—noise travels, but the shrubbery around the adults-only Pamukkale Pool muffles most of it.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 25

With wicker day beds on the pool terraces in ankle-deep water and an unobstructed view of the sea, I daresay this might be better than an infinity pool. Take a boozy break and wade over to the Pool Bar, which serves up drinks at (surprisingly) reasonable prices—a glass of prosecco wasn’t too pricey at S$14.

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The gym is nearby, though that wasn’t really my priority. Workout space is limited, and aside from treadmills and cycling machines, there are a few strength-training machines and free weights. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather stretch out in the sun than sweat it out in the gym when I’m on vacation.

The Dining

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The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 26

One of the criteria I judge hotels on is definitely the food options. The Outpost Hotel has just one dining spot—1-V:U on the seventh floor, which is a restaurant, rooftop pool bar and day club all rolled into one.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 19

On my stay, the restaurant’s menu technically wasn’t ready yet, so I regrettably can’t say much about it. I did get to enjoy bar bites and tipples at the rooftop bar area, which provided amazing views. With a mix of high tables, lounging sofas and regular tables, you’re welcome at 1-V:U no matter what you’re in the mood for.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 16

Unfortunately, the sky was moderately cloudy, which dampened the sunset a little. Nevertheless, I enjoyed spending a chill evening at 1-V:U, chatting with the other bar-goers and bopping to the live music.

Breakfast is also served at 1-V:U, though I’d recommend getting it as part of the hotel package. Otherwise, you can still buy it during check-in for S$35++, or purchase it at walk-in price for S$40++ during breakfast.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 35

Unfortunately, The Outpost Hotel doesn’t offer a full buffet for breakfast—what they do offer is one item from the breakfast menu, and a continental breakfast selection which includes pastries, toast and cereal.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 33

Plain congee with toppings is also available, and a warm bowl of congee with fish flakes, edamame beans, pumpkin puree and more is a great way to kick-start your appetite.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 36

Since we had a 3D2N stay, we decided to try out as many different menu items as possible. For the first breakfast, I opted for the Breakfast With A V:U.

I have to say, mine was pretty ordinary as breakfasts go. This breakfast platter came with sausages, bacon, roasted tomatoes, miso shiitake, sourdough toast and my choice of scrambled eggs. Each component was adequate, though none of them really stood out. It was hearty, filling, and completely ordinary.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 38

Breakfast number two saw me determined to get something better, so I ordered the Bagel Eggs Benny. The toasted half-bagel came with a perfectly-cooked onsen egg, lime leaf hollandaise and baby spinach, and my choice of smoked salmon (meat lovers can go for Kurobuta pork instead).

The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was an excellent choice. Cradled in the salmon folds, the onsen egg was just the right amount of wobbly. Besides, a bagel is always a great breakfast food, especially with egg and salmon.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa 18

The Outpost Hotel isn’t necessarily the safe haven for adults it proclaims to be, nor is it that budget-friendly. But the architecture and views are pretty amazing, and for those of you who are willing to splurge on a chill getaway on the State of Fun, The Outpost Hotel Sentosa offers a rather decent staycation option.

And let’s face it, the ‘pillow menu’ concept? That’s pretty brilliant.

Expected Damage: From S$270 per night

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa

10 Artillery Avenue, #03-01, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099951

Our Rating 4/5

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa

10 Artillery Avenue, #03-01, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099951

Telephone: +65 6722 0801
Telephone: +65 6722 0801
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