Turn Up The Heat With Spicy Korean Burger + Durian McFlurry Now In McDonald’s Malaysia

Annyeonghaseyo! Oh, how we’ve missed the hot black buns that were first introduced to us back in 2017. Don’t worry, McDonald’s Malaysia is reintroducing the Spicy Korean Burger!

Online Mcdonalds Spicy Korean Burger Set

Along with the original Beef Spicy Korean Burger, they’re introducing the all-new Chicken Spicy Korean Burger. Sandwiched between two charcoal buns, the kimchi-seasoned chicken patty is served with spicy Korean sauce, mixed vegetables, grilled onions and cheese.

Complete your meal with the Fanta McFreeze or soothe the spice with some of your favourite ice cream flavours.

Online Mcdonalds New Ice Cream

McDonald’s Malaysia is bringing back the D24 Durian McFlurry this durian season!

If you’re not a fan of durians, you can choose between the Coffee Choco Dip, Coffee Cone, and Coffee Vanilla. The flavours are swirled with McDonald’s iconic vanilla soft serve.

Online Mcdonalds Banana Pie (1)

Go bananas over the delectable Banana Pie filled with chunks of sweet banana within the crispy and flaky pie shell.

Time to cross the Causeway to get a taste of these items before they sell out!

Dates & Times: Now available at all McDonald’s Malaysia outlets

Prices: RM15.99 (set with drink and fries)