This Sponge Isn’t What It Seems & Can Actually Be Eaten In Japan

Do you find it frustrating that many products you come across do not resemble close to what they look like in real life?

Starbucks Christmas Cake (1)

Take Starbucks Singapore’s sweet treat, the Penguin Black Forest Cake as an example.

Starbucks Cake

The photo on the menu does not resemble the cake on the menu in real life. What a letdown!

Fret not, the dessert you’re about to see may not look like it’s edible, but it may just surprise you.

Sponge Cake

Japanese Twitter User user @iine_piroshiki, posted this photo of his creation of a Sponge Cake.

He piled on green and yellow sponge cakes atop each other, and added what seemingly looks like whipped cream to resemble foam from soap.

The details of the sponge cake are insane—from the distinct difference in texture to the top green part rough-looking turf with white marks—giving it a realistic look that the “sponge” was well-used. The yellow part meanwhile looks porous and softer.

Sponge Cake Online 2

Other mind-blowing creations are made using resin clay and can be found on @iine_piroshiki‘s Twitter.

How about attempting to make this kind of quirky creations at home?

Dates & Times: Follow @iine_piroshiki on Twitter for more creative creations

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