SPRMRKT Singapore: A Trifecta of Food, Retail & Art

SPRMRKT Signage Singapore

SPRMRKT occupies a prominent corner along the junction of McCallum street and Is adjacent to the Telok Ayer Food Centre. After two years of operation, they are back from a short hiatus with a whole new menu and overhaul.

SPRMRKT Interior Singapore

SPRMRKT Retail Wall

The wares on sale were hand-picked and sourced by the owners of SPRMRKT. They range from simple Nordic handmade natural-stiff-haired brushes, to African porcelain and cute Japanese kitchen stationery. You’d definitely feel so inspired to take home some of these kitchenwares and host dinner parties more often.


The items on the menu change daily, hence SPRMRKT takes pride in handwriting each menu on large scrolls hung up behind the counter. This not only saves the environment by reducing the need to make multiple copies, but it also gives the cafe a homely touch.

SPRMRKT cool sodas singapore

Drinks from Citizen Pop, All Good Organics, Almdudler ($5 – $5.50). The soda beverages offered are quirky in flavour like Almdudler (which happens to be so popular in Austria that it was coined its national drink) and apple ginger. When chilled, they taste just as they would right off the tap. These bottles make good keepsakes too – use them as a flower vase!

Rare finds in Singapore.

SPRMRKT Truffle Fries

Truffle Fries with Kelp and Parmesan ($12). Truffle fries are probably the most sought after in singapore among cafe hoppers, but these stand out from other establishments’. When served, we assumed the black specks were grind black pepper but they turned out to be bits of seaweed. It slightly mutes and compliments the truffle, and gives the fries that extra crunch.

SPRMRKT Braised Lamb Linguine

Braised Lamb and Spinach Linguine ($24). The ratio of lamb to pasta was surprisingly generous and the pasta was definitely up to a strict al dente standard. The meat was soft and tender, however it was a tad too salty as there was way too much meat (an ironic complaint). I guess with revision, this could be my new comfort food.

SPRMRKT Poached Eggs

Eggs Royale ($17). The poached eggs hold their shape well and are not overdone. Fascinatingly, the toasted English muffins are not soggy under all that weight and moisture and maintains its texture.

SPRMRKT Chicken Breast mccallum singapore

Sous-Vide Cooked Chicken Breast, Chorizo with Cous Cous and Ratatouile ($24). For the health freaks, the chicken breast is cooked sous-vide to keep it tender and to minimize the use of oil, then lightly pan-fried. Chorizo is stuffed under the skin of the meat to maximize its flavour. However I still found it a tad tough and breast typically doesn’t have much flavour.

SPRMKT Blackforrest

Blackforest Cake ($8). The decadent cake slice had whole rum soaked cherries in a chocolate ganache. It was not overly sweet or creamy, and is perfect for all the chocolate fans out there.

SPRMKT Cheesecake

Marble Cheesecake ($8). The cheesecake was light and fluffy with hints of chocolate, and delightfully paired with a hand made crust that was just the right amount of sweetness (not your usual crushed digestive biscuits and butter). Might get a bit repetitive though after so much cheese.

SPRMRKT Interior 2

SPRMRKT supports the local art scene and will be having local art hung around the shop and put up for sale. They have already hosted a few art exhibitions in the past. The quaint interior makes it a place you might like to add to your list of places to café hop to.

The main menu changes frequently, while the in-store grocery retail concept is something of a namesake that redefines a supermarket visit. Simple, fresh food made daily for the hungry working folks.

Expected Damage: $25 – $50/pax

SPRMRKT: 2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043 | Tel: 6221 2105/6221 0712 | Website