Starbucks SG Has Us Drooling With Their Coffee and Tea Mooncakes

When it comes to mooncakes, the people I know can be roughly separated into two camps: traditional versus newfangled. Some like the traditional baked pastry for its smooth white lotus paste and flavourful crust. Others prefer to experiment with flavours as adventurous as coffee, durian, and cheese.

If the sound of coffee appeals to you, you’d be pleased to know that Starbucks Singapore is launching its coffee and tea mooncakes starting this August 2020, coming in both traditional and new flavours.

Some highlights include the Lotus Paste With Egg Yolk, Starbucks Coffee With Caramel and Hazelnutand Lychee Black Teaall at S$5.90 each.

Starbucks Mooncake Online 2

I’m personally excited to try the Salted Caramel Chocolate (S$5.90), being a fan of those two flavours. It’s always so interesting to see how vastly different flavours pair with this traditionally lotus-based snack.

If you’re a little more reserved about Starbucks’ coffee and tea mooncakes, you could try the Pandan Lotus Paste With Egg Yolk (S$5.90). After all, pandan is quite a familiar taste and isn’t that far off the mark from the sweetness of lotus.

Starbucks Mooncake Online 3

You can buy Starbucks’ coffee and tea mooncakes individually, or get them in a gift box (S$59.90) of eight. Each gift box comes with an exclusive Starbucks reusable canvas tote bag too!

As an additional perk, Starbucks is offering a 15% discount for Starbucks Rewards Members who purchase two or more gift boxes in-store. Don’t forget to bring your Starbucks card!

Date & Time: Now available in stores and on Mobile Order & Pay for a limited time

Price: S$5.90 per mooncake, S$59.90 for a gift box of eight

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