Starbucks Singapore Adds Impossible™ Rendang Pie to Menu Now Till 11 Aug

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Starbucks Singapore is well-known—not only for its seasonal tumblers and mugs—but also for its ever-expanding menu of savoury dishes. It’s certainly one of my top picks for a quick lunch if I’m in a rush, or if I find myself in need of a bite while I catch up with friends.

From 1 July – 11 August 2020, they have added a new menu item—the Impossible™ Rendang Pie (S$8.90)—in a bid to provide more plant-based options as well as to promote the company’s vision as a resource-positive brand. It’s also one of six food items in Starbucks Singapore’s limited-time Shiok Food Menu, celebrating the local flavours of Singapore.

Starbucks' Impossible Rendang Pie 2

The Impossible™ Rendang Pie is a twist on a Starbucks classic, with local flavours and made with a flaky, buttery shortcrust pastry. It’s filled with ground Impossible™ Burger from Impossible Foods, slow-cooked in a rich rendang gravy with carrots, edamame, potatoes and a hard-boiled egg in the middle.

Before you head out to buy one for yourself, I’m sure you’re wondering if it matches up to rendang made with real beef. Well, texture-wise, it’s almost indistinguishable from real meat, which should be no surprise as Impossible™ meat is known for its meat-like chewiness.

Starbucks' Impossible Rendang Pie 3

As for the taste, the rendang rempah (paste) wasn’t as robust as I’d like, but I have to give credit to Starbucks for keeping the pie crust consistently flaky and buttery.

The pie crust crumbled instantly when I cut through it, to reveal the boiled egg at its core. I did, however, find the pie filling rather dry, and the addition of edamame to the mix simply didn’t make sense to me.

Perhaps I’m a rendang purist in that sense, but if you’re looking for a moreish bite at Starbucks, this Impossible™ Rendang Pie will fill you up.

Dates & Times: Now available at all Starbucks Singapore outlets from 1 July – 11 August 2020

Price: S$8.90

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