Staytion Lifestyle’s new street-style concept with food, gympods & more in Dhoby Xchange

Step into the revamped space at Dhoby Xchange that has been taken over by Staytion Lifestyle and now boasts thrilling experiences filled with food, drinks, upcoming lifestyle brands and even a gym!

staytion lifestyle - front

Situated within Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, Dhoby Xchange is a place I used to visit for the sole purpose of donating blood to Bloodbank @Dhoby Ghaut. The area always reminded me of an abandoned house which was once gloomy and dull. 

When I first received the invite to head down to that very location, I was hesitant and did not expect much.

Only one word can sum up my impressions during the visit — amazement. As soon as the automated doors slid open, I gasped at the refurbished area which was air conditioned, brightly-lit and bustling.

staytion lifestyle - street

The layout of the space was clearly demarcated by the variety of stalls lining both sides of the central walkway— the intention of a street style market concept was fully achieved! 

Let us jump straight into the food outlets that have partnered with Staytion Lifestyle. 

staytion lifestyle - lemon pineapple drink

3 brands — Saladstop, Heybo and Wooshi — under the SaladStop! Group have united under 1 roof to dish out quick healthy and nutritious meals.

staytion lifestyle - baked salmon

My favourite dish of the afternoon was undeniably Shibuya Nights (S$13.90) from Heybo.

Featuring a generous portion of perfectly flaky baked salmon, green soba and onsen egg in vegetables, it achieves a myriad of flavours with all its elements. Meanwhile, the tangy beetroot dressing elevated the overall flavour profile. I can see myself returning to this on days I need a quick and satisfying lunch!

staytion lifestyle - caesar wrap

For a convenient meal, I recommend the Hail Caesar Wrap (S$11.90) or the EBI-thing Sushi Roll (S$10.90). In the latter, mixed cabbage, Japanese ginger and yuzu teriyaki introduce their sweet and sour flavours. Do not turn away just yet as the amount of rice helps to balance them out.

staytion lifestyle - cheap ramen

Moving onto the hot stuff, my dining partner thoroughly enjoyed the al dente thin ramen noodles of the Takagi Ramen (S$6.90). Even though it was the first item served, we spent about half an hour waiting for the rest of the dishes before digging into it.

Shinjitsu Ramen, Ang Mo Kio: S$5.90 ramen with torched chicken drumstick hidden in coffee shop

Its ability to soak up the rich pork broth surprised us and there isn’t much to complain about since the bowl was so affordably priced.

staytion lifestyle - imported beer

The brand has also introduced a permanent bubble tea menu as well as imported alcoholic beverages that makes the perfect ramen pairing and seemed to be receiving a lot of attention from the crowd.

staytion lifestyle - several dishes

By the time kithstop’s Gamberetti Spaghetti (S$11.90) came, we were already incredibly full. Despite that, I appreciated its strong tomato taste and large prawns, and considered it a decent dish for the price.

The waffles were infused with caramel and served with an additional chocolate dipping sauce. Those with less time to spare may get them to-go at KithStop which caters to the fast moving office crowd.

staytion lifestyle - matcha and mocha

Specialising in sweetened matcha and mocha beverages, Estiq occupies a spherical glass setup overlooking SMRT trains all the way down to the platform level. It may also be useful to note that they provide charging points and high speed Wi-Fi!

Staytion Lifestyle has brought a new life with vibrant colours lighting up the indoor ‘street’. I can only imagine the influx of patrons over the next few days! Do check out the area when you are in the vicinity!

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Our Rating: 4 / 5

Staytion Lifestyle

11 Orchard Road, B1-10 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, Singapore 238826

Our Rating 4/5

Staytion Lifestyle

11 Orchard Road, B1-10 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, Singapore 238826

Operating Hours: 8am - 11pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 8am - 11pm (Daily)