‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #034 — Food stylist, Jazreel Chan, reveals the workings behind the camera

As you know, here at SethLui.com, we’re all about food and how it tastes and how it looks, and the delicious things that go along with Singapore’s F&B industry. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes on behind a professional food shoot? We’re talking about the campaigns you come across at bus stops and flashy advertisements of food promotions on shopping mall banners. Well today, Jazreel Chan, food stylist, is here to demystify all that, with trade secrets that just might surprise you.

Jazreel Chan

Having started food styling as a vocation thanks to the persuasion of her mum, Jazreel Chan is now running a successful business that handles the intricacies of food to bring out its best angles in any given condition. From mastering the skill of re-plating food to having to come up with ingenious ways to make food last longer on set—no thank you, hot set lights!—she’s now a whiz at making all of us salivate at the sight of her works of sumptuous art. Along with a team of photographers, she’ll be the person you’ll think of from now on, every time your eyes get distracted by tantalising food photos in a menu or poster.

Be sure to stay tuned to next week’s episode as we catch up with finalists, Leon Lim and Derek Cheong, from this season’s MasterChef Singapore finale (that honestly had us at the edge of our seats!). For all episodes of Tapau Please and this one, head to PodbeanSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.