‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Episode #006 — We speak with founder of Monsoontable.com, Vasun, and her culinary claim to Thosai Consultant

Tapau Please (wp)

In our sixth instalment of ‘Tapau Please’ podcast by SethLui.com, we speak to Vasun, founder of Monsoontable.com. Her unbridled love for food can be seen in the meticulous fashion that she fleshes out recipes on her site, and her Instagram account displays all the colourful creations she’s had the joy of cooking and sharing with all of us.


Through numerous versions of her own thosai recipe, she has now proclaimed herself as ‘Thosai Consultant’ as eagerly enthusiastic home cooks seek advice from her on how to perfect their own thosai. This special two-part episode takes all of us—interviewer and listeners alike—on an aural adventure on how her spark for food began, where it has taken her, and what all of us can take away from the food that we eat every day.

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