Thai Super Bowl: Slurp Up This Gigantic Tom Yum Hot Pot Packed Full Of Seafood Ingredients & Mama Noodles At Hougang

Thai Super Bowl-1

Having recently opened its doors in mid-April, Thai Super Bowl has been consistently gaining more traction with their eye-catching tom yum seafood broth that is served in large metal trays.

If you’re in the Hougang area and can’t decide on what to eat, here’s an option you can consider. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a piping hot seafood broth that is filling and yet affordable at the same time.

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The moment you step into the diner, you will notice that everything is well-organised and clutter-free, with tables spaced out evenly and overhead lamps allocated to each one.

However, do not mistake this for a restaurant because they do abide by a self-service policy and have what I would call, a no-frills concept.

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Beginning our meal with appetisers, we first had the Crispy Chicken Wing (1 pc for $1.50, 3 pcs for $3.90, 5pcs for $6). These were rather tasty and seemed to be fried without much grease and yet, each wing still glistened with a crisp golden brown skin. Needless to say, we polished this within seconds.

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Doused in Thai chillies, fresh mangoes and a delectable fish sauce, the Mango Salad ($5) is another great appetiser to tuck into. The green mangoes used were of just the right sweetness and made for a refreshing start to our meal.

Thai Super Bowl-5

You can’t have Thai food without getting the specialty green curry. The Chicken Green Curry ($5.50) had a great consistency to it and wasn’t too grainy like most tend to be. The chicken slices were tender and also complemented the hints of fragrant coconut milk blended within the broth.

Thai Super Bowl-6

Choose from either chicken or seafood options for the Pad Thai ($5.50); we chose the latter that was accompanied by bits of prawn and squid. When drizzled over with the lime wedges and mixed around with the side of nuts and chilli powder, the stir-fried rice noodles were certainly a delight to have.

Thai Super Bowl-7

Fried with tom yum and an additional paste that is supposedly part of a secret recipe, the Tom Yum Fried Rice ($5.50) is another Thai delicacy we just couldn’t pass up on. And, I’m glad we didn’t because as simple as this dish may be, it was so satisfying that we couldn’t just stop at one spoonful.

Thai Super Bowl-8

What’s special about the Tom Yum Soup ($5) is the fact that is it non-spicy. Yes, you heard it right. To cater to those who can’t take spice, they have concocted a clear tom yum broth that has no hint of spiciness whatsoever but, doesn’t compromise on the taste at all. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.  

Thai Super Bowl-9

After sampling most of the other dishes on their menu, we finally ordered the glorious Super Bowl ($36). Made to share between at least 4-6 pax, this pot of tom yum goodness is served in a rectangular metal tray and packed full of delicious seafood ingredients.

This includes mussels, prawns, squids, crab sticks, minced meat, two freshly cracked eggs and six packets of instant noodles. All of which, are left to simmer in the pot, ensuring that each of these condiments are able to soak up the aromatic coconut broth.

Thai Super Bowl-10

The mussels that came with it were of the plump variety and were fairly easy to remove from their shells. Although, the juicy flesh didn’t absorb much of the tom yum soup, I found that slurping it up from the shell alone was just as satisfying.

Thai Super Bowl-11

The prawns were particularly fresh and unlike the mussels, they definitely soaked in all the flavours from the tangy broth. The flesh itself was sweet on its own but combined together with the broth, the taste was elevated even further.

Thai Super Bowl-12

The squid rings did not disappoint either; each of them were rather chewy and tender and seemed to be just as fresh as the other seafood ingredients. This definitely shows the kind of standards they uphold in curating their signature dish. 

Thai Super Bowl-13

Shared among four people, we found that the instant noodles were more than enough to go around. These are just your regular Mama noodles so don’t be expecting anything special, but hey, we all love having instant noodles once in awhile don’t we?

Just remember to consume the noodles quickly otherwise, they might get soggy when left to soak in the boiling broth after an extended period of time! 

Thai Super Bowl-14

You know what they say; everyone has a second stomach for dessert and we were no exception because we couldn’t resist having the Mango Sticky Rice ($4.50) even after consuming everything else prior to that. You really can’t go wrong with this classic Thai dessert. 

Thai Super Bowl-15

I’m sure all these dishes will leave you feeling thirsty and in need of a drink so, grab the Iced Lemongrass Tea ($1.50) and Thai Iced Tea ($1.50) while you’re at it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lemongrass as it tasted a little too bland but the Thai milk tea did live up to my expectations.

On those rainy and miserable days when you’re in need of some comforting hot food, head down to Thai Super Bowl. I guarantee that your spirits will be lifted after you’ve indulged in this massive hot pot of seafood and “leveled up” instant noodles. Do take note that this is only available from 6pm onwards. 

Expected Damage: $5.50 – $36 

Thai Super Bowl: #01-41, 1 Hougang Street 91, Singapore 538692 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 8.45pm daily | Tel: 6385 3195 | Facebook