The Floating Donut Company: Unique Dining On Water Experience In Donut Boats At Marina Bay

If you want to take your romantic meal up a notch, why not have it on a floating ‘donut’ boat in Marina Bay?

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The Floating Donut Company is bringing us a whole new dining experience: instead of simply dining by the waterfront, now you can actually dine ON the water in a uniquely-shaped boat.

We headed over to Clifford Pier, where the company launches their ‘donut’ boats from the jetty.

The Floating Donut Company 2

We got a little lost when we were trying to locate them, because they share the jetty with Water B. Keep a lookout for the little Water B kiosk, and you’ll be able to find The Floating Donut Company.

Alternatively, peek down from the pier to catch a glimpse of their three-boat fleet.

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The Floating Donut Company is currently also operating in Phuket, Thailand, and they’ve previously done a trial on Sentosa Island too. They’ve only just started their operations in Marina Bay on 30 November 2018.

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Each boat can seat up to eight, so you can actually have a mini-party!

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You’ll be in good hands, with the well-experienced boat captain. Our captain for the day was Grace, and her cheerful demeanour brightened our cruise.

They’ve also collaborated with Monti at I-Pavilion to bring us seafood platters and an a la carte menu with salads, meats and a selection of booze and other beverages.

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If you’re here for a celebration, pop a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne! We tried the Il Lauri Extra Dry Prosecco (S$72), because we all need a little bubbly cheer in our life.

The Italian sparkling wine started off fruity with peach and tropical notes, and finished off dry on the tongue.

The Floating Donut Company 8

Here for a chill catch-up session with your friends? Crack open a beer or two, and enjoy the gentle sea-breeze.

You can choose from a variety of beers like Tiger (S$14), Asahi (S$16), Peroni (S$18), Kronenbourg (S$16) and Corona (S$15). My personal favourite is the Asahi, because of how light it tasted. But honestly, any beer’s a good beer when you’ve got friends to share it with.

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We had to try out the Seafood Platter which is available on the Romantic Cruise (S$198 for 60 minutes without food, S$299 for 90 minutes including platter). The Romantic Cruise is perfect for that extra date night magic, especially since it comes with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine.

The Floating Donut Company 28

The Seafood Platter comes with clams, Boston mussels, prawns, smoked salmon and oysters topped with caviar and ikura. If you and your date are seafood lovers, this would be a dream come true. Psst, you’ll need to give them four days’ advance notice to prepare this massive platter!

The Floating Donut Company 25

I found the oysters a tad too briny, though the ikura and caviar added fresh pops of flavour. If you’re a fan of oysters like my colleague, you’ll be happy to gobble up all of them.

The Floating Donut Company 27

I preferred the mussels and clams, which had a milder taste. There were two bowls of each, so there’s plenty to go around. Plump and juicy, they’re great to nibble on as you watch the waterfront scenery!

If you’d like to munch on other kinds of food, you can also order from the a la carte menu.

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With how warm Singapore’s weather is, a summer salad like the Seafood Salad (S$28) is great for cooling off. We tried this healthy dish which included arugula, red skin potatoes, coconut slices, salmon roe and fat, juicy grilled tiger prawns.

The Floating Donut Company 30

I really liked how refreshing the salad was, especially with the intriguing addition of coconut slices. The salmon roe and grilled tiger prawns grounded the dish with their savoury and briny flavours. With a hint of char and sweetness, the prawns were easily the best part of the salad.

Meat lovers, you’ll want to pick either the Charcoal Grilled Lamb Rack (S$45) or Charcoal Grilled Ribeye Steak (S$48).

The Floating Donut Company 13

Even though I’m usually a steak person, I actually enjoyed the lamb rack more. Slightly gamey and with a good edge of fats, the lamb meat came off the bone quite easily.

The Floating Donut Company 29

Of course, the ribeye steak wasn’t too shabby either. You’ll enjoy this if you like leaner cuts, and I liked how each bite was tender and juicy.

If you’d like something lighter to munch on, there’s also the option of the Club Sandwich (S$16).

The Floating Donut Company 14

The Club Sandwich was a pretty solid stack of bread, cheese and meats. My favourite part was that it came with a sunny side up that had a runny yolk. Mmm, I just can’t get enough of that eggy goodness!

The Floating Donut Company 24

With the cheddar cheese, savoury bacon and refreshing cucumbers, this well-balanced sandwich would be great for a lunch-hour cruise. My only gripe was that the bread was too dry; it would’ve been better with more sauce or ingredients with more moisture.

There are plenty of other options on the a la carte menu, so order away!

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It was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to dine on a floating donut boat, and I’d love to charter the boat again if I have the chance to.

The Floating Donut Company is still working out the kinks, so, for now, they’re only allowed on the water until 7.30pm. Hopefully, they’ll be able to extend their cruise hours to catch the spectacular view of the light show at Marina Bay Sands.

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If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, you’ll definitely want to book a slot on the cruise from the Floating Donut Company. Talk about the perfect spot for a romantic date!

Expected Damage: Starting from S$29++ per pax (cruise without food) – S$299++ 2 pax (romantic cruise)

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

The Floating Donut Company

80 Collyer Quay, The Clifford Pier, Singapore 049326

Our Rating 4/5

The Floating Donut Company

80 Collyer Quay, The Clifford Pier, Singapore 049326

Telephone: +65 9756 8666
Operating Hours: Opening Hours: 10am – 7.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9756 8666

Operating Hours: Opening Hours: 10am – 7.30pm (Daily)
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