The Iron Fairies: Magical Gin Cocktails + Brie Cheese Burgers In Bangkok

I’ve been to my fair share of concept bars and pubs, so trust me on this. Having a drink at The Iron Fairies is such a magical and extraordinary experience that it’ll blow everything else out of the park.

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Located at Thong Lo, Bangkok, this bar is fantastical and bewitching.

The theme is based on creator Ashley Sutton’s stories and scribbles on miniature iron fairies. This whimsical concept can be seen in the bar’s crumbling brick walls and ancient steel knick knacks, as well as its cocktails and grub.

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Harry Potter fans, stepping into this dungeon-like bar will make you feel like you’re in Hogwarts.

Littered with tealight candles, the bar has dark oak furnishings and narrow spiral metal staircases in tiny corners. Keep a lookout, because hidden rooms exist behind the heavy doors and small openings.

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A closer examination of the decorations on the wall reveals that they’re actually tiny bottles of “fairy dust”!

Of course, it’s just glitter, but small details like these certainly add to the mystical vibes of the bar. Enchanting as the interior was, we had to try their food and cocktails to appreciate the whole dining experience.

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The Tropical Burn with Erin (THB320) really caught my eye because of the torched coconut marshmallow on top of the glass.

Made with Bacardi Carta Blanca gin, this cocktail also had watermelon, lime, ginger and egg white.

Zesty and piquant, this drink reminded me of a whiskey sour with subtle notes of almond and vanilla. It was slightly sour, but the toasted coconut marshmallow added a touch of tropical sweetness to each sip, while the ginger gave it a spicy and aromatic aftertaste.

Iron Fairies 06984

The Cosmo Fairy (THB350) is a lemon-infused vodka-based cocktail. It used Grey Goose, a smooth and silky vodka with a citrus base, with cointreau, cranberry juice, lime & sour cherry, egg white, and actual hibiscus flowers.

While the cocktail itself wasn’t strong and almost tasted like lime juice, I enjoyed the tartness from the cranberry and lime & sour cherry. The hibiscus flowers also added a honey-like sweetness to the drink.

The egg white made the drink incredibly smooth, but the addition of hibiscus flowers gave a surprisingly springy texture, which was a welcome surprise in the silky smooth and tangy drink.

Iron Fairies 06952

A must-order when it comes to bar grub, the Iron Fairies Nachos (THB290) consists of crispy tortilla chips, fresh guacamole, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, salsa, black olives and jalapenos.

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What I thoroughly enjoyed about The Iron Fairies’ nachos was the generous toppings.

The tortilla chips itself lost its crispiness quickly, but the fresh and tangy guacamole, cheese and salsa made each bite refreshing and savoury. I loved the little bits of black olives, which were rustic and earthy, together with the slightly pickled and spicy japalenos.

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Another staple when it comes to bar finger food, The Iron Buffalo Wings (THB240 for six pieces, THB360 for 12 pieces) is coated with a honey paprika sticky sauce. It also comes with celery and carrot sticks and a blue cheese dip.

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The sauce itself was sticky sweet and finger-licking worthy. What I particularly liked were the carrot and celery sticks, as well as the blue cheese dip.

It went really well alongside my cocktails as a finger snack, and the blue cheese dip was creamy and smooth, almost like an avocado mayo spread. Of course, it had the characteristic pungent and piquant taste.

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One of The Iron Fairies’ signature burgers is the gigantic Fat Gut’z Beef Burger (THB370). They serve it on a large wooden chopping board, with a knife stabbed right in the middle of the burger.

Comprising a homemade beef patty with brie cheese, the burger also comes with bacon, tomatoes, red oak lettuce, red onions and spicy homemade ketchup.

Iron Fairies 07029

The buns were soft and fluffy, though my favourite part was the patty.

For its thickness, I was expecting the patty to be dry, but it was incredibly juicy. There was even brie cheese melted right on top of the meat patty.

The brie added a tinge of earthiness and nuttiness to the meat patty, and made each bite rich and buttery.

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The Iron Fairies also launched three new cocktails in February. My favourite was the Purple Haze (THB350), a gin-based concoction with coconut syrup and matcha.

While the matcha made the drink slightly powdery, it also added a pleasant sweetness and full-bodied creaminess to each sip.

The dehydrated butterfly pea flowers on top of the drink was more for decoration than anything else. But it definitely made me want to whip my phone out and snap a picture for the ‘gram!

Knocking back a couple of cocktails at The Iron Fairies is definitely an experience I’ll remember. The ancient steel decor, exposed pipes and dark alcoves made my entire night magical and whimsical.

While the bar grub was pretty decent, the heroes of the entire menu would definitely have to be the cocktails. From honey-sweetened gin-based cocktails to torched marshmallows and flaming absinthe drinks, having one drink at this concept bar is definitely not enough.

Expected Damage: THB400 – THB900 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

The Iron Fairies

402-404 Sukhumvit 55 Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Our Rating 3/5

The Iron Fairies

402-404 Sukhumvit 55 Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Operating Hours: 6pm - 2am (Daily)

Operating Hours: 6pm - 2am (Daily)
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