The Paper Razor — environmentally-friendly solution to disposable razors

Cut out of paper razor and folded Paper Razor 4

The Japanese are at it again. Besides giving us one of our favourite cuisines, addictive anime series, and to-die-for aesthetics,  they have now once again wowed us with their attention to detail and design. Presenting The Paper Razor (Price: TBC), an environmentally-friendly solution to the worrying problem of disposable plastic razors.

The paper razor packaging

Set to be released on 22 April 2021 by Kai Group, The Paper Razor is made with an all-paper body that harnesses the ancient art of origami to give the same strength and manoeuvrability as a plastic razor. The Paper Razor comes flat-packed at an incredibly slim 5mm. It can be easily unfolded and put together in a matter of seconds to create a rigid, ergonomic razor with a grippy handle. How incredibly ingenious is that?

Wait, I haven’t gotten to the best part. The Paper Razor is well made out of paper, and can minimise the use of plastic up to as much as 98%. Given our planet’s dire state, even a small step to reduce waste is a step indeed.

two Paper Razors with balde

I know what you’re thinking; how durable can a razor made out of paper be? It’s is made out of relatively water-resistant grade paper; think about how milk cartons and cardboard paper spoons work.

Plus, the handle can withstand temperatures of up to 40°C, so feel free to shave in lukewarm water if you prefer. This razor was made for the eco-conscious traveller in mind, but since travelling has ground to a resounding halt, we can try this out at home for now.

Different colours of The Paper Razor 1

The Paper Razor is also available in five different colours; Ocean Blue, Botanical Red, Jade Green, Sunny Yellow and Sand Beige. Design is truly king, and if you’d like to get your hands on this revolutionary razor, keep your eyes on their website here. The future of shaving is just a fold away.

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