the.twenty.cavan: Blueberry Lamb Chops That Won’t Leave You Feeling Blue In Lavender


Lavender is home to yet another up and coming eatery aptly named the.twenty.cavan (T20Cavan Restaurant & Bar), because it is nestled along 20 Cavan Road. This fusion bistro houses one of my favourite gastronomical surprises of the week: Blueberry Lamb Chops (!!!)


Before I divulge the palatable wonders of berries and lamb, I have to commend the.twenty.cavan on their interior. The industrial feel of the restaurant blends nicely with the surrounding hardware stores and workshops, making it slightly less out of place given its somewhat random location.


Bare bulbs dangle at varying levels against a backdrop of rough brick walls, with finishings left incomplete entirely for the aesthetic. Large storefront windows make for a naturally well lit setting which is perfect for those Instagram photos you’re inevitably going to take to tempt your followers.

The atmosphere is vibrant and inviting and the staff are friendly without a trace of pretence, which makes you feel right at home.


The one-page menu is promising at first glance with an adequate selection of starters and mains. I’m a strong believer in quality over quantity and the chefs at the.twenty.cavan seem to be going towards that direction with their menu.

Strong Asian flavours dominate the starters like Deep Fried Seaweed Beancurd Roll ($8) with ebiko wasabi mayo and Mini Mushroom Tartlets ($8) flavoured with hoisin. I was intrigued, but decided to jump straight to the very reason for my visit here.

Blueberry Lamb Chops (the.twenty.cavan)

I love blueberries and I love lamb. But together? At $20, the.twenty.cavan’s Stir-Fried Lamb Chop with Blueberry Sauce isn’t something I would usually go for without knowing what I was getting myself into.

It was completely worth it. I was presented with a generous portion of lamb chops coated in just the right amount of a sauce similar to the familiar sweet and sour variety.

I was worried that the addition of a blueberry reduction would result in the dish either being too sweet or too sour, but it was very well balanced. The lamb was beautifully cooked, slightly pink in the centre and had been pre-marinated in a delicious coating of fermented beancurd which adds to the saltiness that the dish needed. The marinade also really reduced the gamey flavour often associated with lamb.

All of the mains come with a side of greens and a choice of either cous cous or thick cut fries. Try mopping up the blueberry sauce with the fries – the combination will surprise you!

If lamb isn’t your thing, you can also choose to try the Pork Belly with Blueberry Sauce ($20) instead. The idea of blueberry sauce with lamb or pork may not be for everybody but perhaps another of the.twenty.cavan’s signature dishes will.

Crispy Fried Chicken (the.twenty.cavan)

Its Canton Roast Chicken with Homemade Thai Chilli Sauce ($16) delivered particularly well in terms of texture profile.

The chicken skin was light and crispy, while the meat remained juicy underneath. Funnily enough, my favourite part of this dish was actually the addition of assorted cashews, pine nuts and walnuts which added a nice crunchiness and elevated the overall flavours.

Pumpkin Yam Puree and Lemon Pudding (the.twenty.cavan)

End your meal with a choice of either Pumpkin Yam Puree ($8) served chilled with coconut cream or Lemon Pudding with Mixed Berries ($7). I’m not that big of a dessert fan after a heavy meal but both options were light and very suitably cleansed my palate without being jelak.

I came to the.twenty.cavan out of curiosity for their Stir-Fried Blueberry Lamb Chop and I did not leave disappointed. It’s definitely something to try at least once and the friendly staff and ambience will make you want to return.

Expected Damage: $20 – $30 per pax 

the.twenty.cavan: 20 Cavan Road, Singapore 209851 | Tel: +65 6612 6024 | Facebook