Time For Thai: Hop Over To This ‘Appe-Thai-Sing’ Halal Thai Supper Spot In Upper Bukit Timah

Time For Thai 2

Cheong Chin Nam Road is a-buzz with supper spots to fuel the residents of Upper Bukit Timah, with a range of cuisines from Indian, Malay, Korean and Chinese.

Now, you can also enjoy authentic Thai fare with newcomer, Time for Thai, whose owners have imported their love for satisfying Thai street food to our streets.

Time For Thai

To be fair, Thai cuisine in Singapore isn’t a novelty, but I did spot some interesting items on the menu that I haven’t seen elsewhere on our island, starting with these two thirst-quenchers, Thai Iced Green Tea and Nom Yem ($3 each).

I usually steer away from sweetened drinks, but with such pretty colours, it was hard to refuse. They were surprisingly only subtly sweet, and between the two, I preferred the former. The Thai Iced Green Tea had a hint of smokiness, while the other was reminiscent of bandung.

Time For Thai 3

My first order was the Beef Noodles Soup ($7.90), which suited the storm that abruptly arrived the moment I sat down. There were beef balls, sliced beef and even beef tendons, creating a medley of textures to contrast with the slippery noodles.

The beef balls were springy to the bite, but my favourite has to be the beef slices which were amazingly tender. As for the soup itself, it could do with more depth, but it was satisfying enough to keep me happily slurping away.

Time For Thai 5

Another soup dish that I’m sure will be an instant favourite amongst those who love to add chilli to everything, is their Geng Som Soup ($9.90). Step aside tom yam goong, you have a new kick-ass contender for spiciness. This one really hits you instantly on the first spoonful!

I could only manage a few helpings because admittedly, my spiciness tolerance needs lots of work, but if you’re looking for a tasty alternative to tom yam, give this a go.

Time For Thai 6

Order up a serving of Crab Cakes ($3.90), which are homemade. When you tear one apart, you’ll see the familiar fleshy crab meat and none of that processed, factory-made nonsense.

These lil’ crab cakes are so addictive and so delicious that I even managed to detect the sweetness of the crab meat through the breading and accompanying chilli dip.

Time For Thai 7

Another dish that is made-with-love is the Thai Fried Chicken ($7.90), which is marinated and left aside for one to two days before being deep-fried to perfection. The result is a crispy, juicy side order that can easily go well with any of the other mains on the menu.

Time For Thai 8

Time For Thai 9

You can order the Shrimp Paste Fried Rice ($6.90) if you’re not feeling like noodles or soup. What sets this plate of fried rice apart from others is the use of chicken sausage (much like the Chinese pork sausage) that’s imported from Thailand and halal-certified.

The texture is a tad chewy and doesn’t really remind me of chicken itself, but it does make for an interesting element in an otherwise rudimentary dish.

Time For Thai 11

The Seafood Tofu ($9.90) reminded me so much of mee bandung, with its sweet-sour flavour. Expect generous chunks of squid, prawns and fried tofu, slathered in the sumptuous sauce.

Needless to say, it was so good, that I actually decided to set carbs aside just to polish the dish off completely.

Time For Thai 10

Moving on to my favourite part of any meal, I had the Dough Fritters With Sangkaya ($4.90) for desserts. I was informed that the dough fritters are very much like our local you tiao, and the dip is the Thai adaptation of our well-loved kaya.

The Thai version is drizzled with coconut milk, making the dip incredibly sinful, but oh-so-exquisite. I can guarantee you will be very tempted to order two plates of this.

Time For Thai 12

The last dessert was the classic Mango Sticky Rice ($5.90). This one has perfectly sweet mango cubes, and the sticky rice was chewy and complemented the soft texture of the mango.

As the new kid of the Bukit Timah block, this en-Thai-cing supper place will more than meet your cravings, be it whether you’re looking for something light, something satiating, something soupy, or something sweet.

Lucky for me, Time for Thai is only a couple of bus stops away from home, so I know I’ll be back really soon.

Expected damage: $10 – $30 per pax

Time for Thai: 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599739 | Tel: +65 6909 3903 | Opening hours: (Monday to Thursday) 10am – 3am, (Friday & Saturday) 10am – 4am, (Sunday) 10am – 3am | Website | Facebook | Instagram