Turn Your Passion into Your Career

If you are thinking about changing jobs or making the next big step in your career, it can feel like an overwhelmingly big decision. However, it can also be a hugely rewarding and exciting experience. Taking something, you are passionate about and turning it into your job will give you ultimate job satisfaction; no one wants to feel like they are stuck in a rut and dread the alarm going off in a morning. There are plenty of ways to go about this and many resources to help and guide you. Here are a couple of things to consider when changing your passion in your career.

Do What You Love

Working out what you are passionate about may not be as hard as it sounds. Think about your dream job, or what you love doing the most in your spare time. Is there a way to turn this hobby into a career? Can you make a living doing what you love? When you are working on something you care about, it can make a huge difference, not only to the finished product but also to yourself and those around you. Starting a new business from scratch can be intimidating, but luckily, plenty of people have done the same and are more than willing to help you out.

Many areas have dedicated groups or networks for independent businesses, in which people communicate, collaborate, share ideas, and support each other. Have a look online and see if your local area offers anything like this. There are also plenty of courses and blogs online to help you get started and turn your ideas into reality! You might not even have to re-train that much, or completely put everything else in your life on hold to pursue your dream career, as there are many options, such as a master’s in social work designed for the busy working professional. 

Extra Qualifications

Think about whether you will need to gain any new qualifications to further your career. Online courses are a brilliant way to do this. The master’s in social work are designed for people who already have jobs, busy lives, and want to gain a masters in social work. It is taught part-time, with a mixture of online and in-person classes and placements. Online study allows you to work at your own pace, and fit studying around your existing commitments such as work or family life. A master’s in social work is a wonderfully rewarding course to choose and will provide you with many useful skills in so many situations. Studying online also develops soft skills that employers like to see evidence of on a resume.

There are also many benefits to taking an online course like the master’s in social work. There is the option to waive the GRE test on this course, which will also save you money. It would be best if you had a previous qualification, but it does not have to be in social work. Plenty of online courses build upon skills you already have from other qualifications, and in some cases offer an accelerated learning program. You can also save money by learning from home and not commuting every day or worrying about renting accommodation. Being a student can be expensive, and the costs alone may put you off. However, looking into online courses can be a great way to further your education in your passionate areas.

Other benefits of online study include working at your own pace, allowing you to take in the information fully and not feel rushed or pressured to understand something. Many people may find the traditional school or college setting stressful or overwhelming, so by working from home on your own time, and you can enjoy the experience and work when it suits you. Furthermore, with courses like the master’s in social work being available in most states, you are not confined to whatever your local institutions offer you. Locations can be very limiting in education, as not everyone can travel or access the courses they want. When everything is taught online, it matters less where you are in the country or world, and you can have access to classes that you otherwise would not.


If you are a creative person, there are so many ways to share what you make with the world and turn it into a career. Sites like Etsy allow small shops to sell their creations, from art to jewelry, this can be a great way to gain followers and increase your internet presence. Online marketplaces are very popular, and many people shop from them for anything from clothing to furniture, art prints or home supplies. What is more, this can all be done from your home, reducing the need to rent stores or office space. When you are just starting, using platforms like this are a good way to see how well your products sell, how many people are interested and how you should be pricing things. You do not want to undercharge for all your hard work and time!

Many people also want to shop small and sustainable and are more than willing to support independent businesses. Being as green as possible is also very important to many people, so being transparent on your pricing or sources can make a huge difference. Using recyclable materials and packaging are just two simple ways to reduce your businesses’ impact on the planet. Similarly, sourcing locally is a good way to build strong local connections with other small business owners. Try using materials and resources that come from close by and show the same respect to other independent businesses as you would want people to show to yours.

Having a good online presence is also very important, and this includes websites and social media. Many customers may look on social media for ideas, so choose the right platform for whatever service you are offering. Regularly uploading will keep your brand appearing on people’s feeds, as will sponsored posts and advertising. Investing in good camera equipment will help you take great photos of your products, catching the eye on a timeline. Good copy and captions will also provide information on your products and brand, without overloading the reader and putting them off.

Furthermore, having a solid, easy to navigate website will make the shopping experience much more enjoyable for customers. You do not have to be an internet expert to make a great website either, as there are loads of tutorials and even companies who can do it for you to maximize your online appeal. A good website will include just the right amount of information, as well as links to contact you and links to your social network profiles. If you are an internet wizard, making websites or graphic design for others can be a good way to kick start your career. Working with others and growing a client base is very important, as is producing consistently high-quality work. You never know who may see your work, or who you may be recommended to if you do a good job!


You may love writing in your spare time and wonder how you can turn that into a career. There are plenty of ways to use your skills in a professional context. You could try writing a novel or script, which is a great blend of creativity and self-discipline! There are many books and courses about writing, and one of the most common is NaNoWriMo. This stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place in November of each year, in which participants try to write 50,000 words in the month. There is no need to wait until November however, as setting yourself daily or weekly writing goals can help you progress, whilst allowing you to write around any other commitments.

You could also start a blog. These are great ideas if you have knowledge on a certain subject, design, and photography skills, or want to write down your daily thoughts to share with the world. Blogging is an increasingly common thing, and what makes it so appealing is the personalization and ability to write about whatever you want. When you run your own blog, you do not necessarily have deadlines or topics you have to write about- the blog and content is your own. It is important to have a regular upload schedule to keep your readers happy, and you can even partner with brands and companies. 


If you love teaching or sharing your knowledge, there are a few ways you can make a career out of this. One of them is training to become a teacher or tutor. Teaching English as a foreign language is a hugely popular way to gain teaching qualifications and experience whilst teaching English worldwide. You can train online, teach in different countries, or online, working with students across the globe. Becoming a tutor is also a good option if you have previous teaching experience or a high level of knowledge in a particular area. You can join an agency that matches tutors with students, or work freelance, to deliver lessons online. When you work freelance, you have more freedom over your lesson plans and course content and can set your own rates and market yourself.

However, working for an agency is also really helpful to build your experience, as they can provide you with lesson plans and materials, and help you connect with tutees. This can allow you to teach remotely across the globe and help a wide range of people of all ages and abilities. Tutoring is a good way to earn some extra money alongside your existing career, so you may be able to do both simultaneously to start off with. Alternatively, you may find that doing both works well for you- it is just a matter of working out what is best for you!


If you love working with people, there are plenty of options for you. A master’s in social work can give you the experience and qualifications necessary to pursue a social work career and qualify you for social work licensure. A master’s degree may sound intimidating, but the course is made to be studied online, with some in-person teaching and placements, which allows you to complete it from home over three years. You do not need a previous degree in social work, so you may also be eligible for this course if you have a degree in something else. 

This means it is never too late to change your career path and make a career out of your passion for helping and working with others. One of the things that put people off changing their career, later on, is the belief that they are too old to study or re-train. Courses like the master’s in social work prove that this is not always the case, as online learning caters to a huge range of people. Following your passion and turning it into your career should not be prevented by your age or location, and online learning allows for these barriers to be broken down, giving as many people access to education as possible. 

If you are considering a big career move or turning your hobby into a side hustle, there are so many ways to go about this. Doing something you love can make a huge difference to your day, and there may be more ways to incorporate it into your life than you thought. Studying for a master’s in social work is doable even if you do not have a prior degree in it and writing that 50,000-word novel may be simpler than you thought. Even if you do not make a career out of your passion, it is still important to keep doing the things that bring you joy and not to give up if things do not go to plan right away. Keep at it; keep practicing, writing, or creating and sharing your passions and skills with the world!

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