Twin Star Dim Sum: Handmade dim sum by famed Chinese restaurant chefs in Yishun

Twin Star Dim Sum is a hawker stall that aims to bring restaurant-standard dim sum to  Yishun.

twin star dimsum - store front

I visited the stall on a rainy day and the coffee shop was almost empty. Most of the stalls had yet to open but there were customers ordering from Twin Star Dim Sum. The usual dim sum fare was available on the menu without any particularly unique items.

What I tried at Twin Star Dim Sum

At every dim sum meal, steamed rice rolls filled with prawns are among the most requested item. Unfortunately, only the original plain steamed rice rolls were available during my visit. I was disheartened as I was eager to try the unique steamed rice rolls wrapped with you tiao (fried dough sticks).

Nonetheless, the staff present was extremely patient and helpful in explaining the ingredients that consisted in each dish. That assisted me with my final choices from the extensive menu selection.

twin star dimsum - har kow

When the Crystal Prawn Dumpling (S$3.90 for 3 pieces) was served, I was taken aback by its tiny size. I had never eaten har kow that were this small! The prawns encased within the translucent skin were whole but I hoped for more within. 

However, the crystal skin was done well — super thin and delicate. This was a challenge that many other dim sum stalls face that the chefs here managed to nail.

twin star dimsum - steamed mushroom dumpling

Similar in size to the prawn dumplings, the Steamed Mushroom Dumpling (S$3.60 for 3 pieces) were next in line. Once again, the skin was extremely thin, effectively showcasing the vegetables encased within. 

There ere also carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables. As one who despises carrots, I found that the taste was not overpowering at all. I loved how well-cooked the filling was — soft but not mushy. This produced a wonderful texture that was delicate and slightly chewy. 

The seasoning from this vegetable dumpling was also rather mild but I appreciated its simple flavour.

twin star dimsum- char siew pau

After seeing the rave online reviews, I was looking forward to eating the BBQ Pork Bun (S$3.90 for 3 buns) the most. They looked spectacular. The handmade buns resemble mountains covered in white snow which starkly contrast against the bright red pork filling. 

The buns were extremely soft, fluffy and subtly sweet. I could eat them even as plain buns! As I tasted the filling, an overwhelming sweetness hit. The minced pork filling contained uneven chunks of meat which added texture to the filling. 

All in all, the buns were beautifully made but I would have loved it more if the meat seasoning used was less sweet.

twin star dimsum - century egg porridge

The Century Egg & Pork Porridge (S$3.60) had the right consistency for a congee. There were also adequate minced pork chunks and century egg pieces. The dish was kept simple with mild seasoning and its focus was on simplicity. 

Customers can help themselves to soy sauce and pepper to attain a deeper flavour. 

twin star dimsum - runny custard bun tear

Another bun I tried was the Runny Custard Bun (S$3.60 for 3 buns). Similar in colour to most dim sum stalls selling this fan favourite item, custard buns are usually savoury and slightly messy to indulge in. 

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I loved how they specifically mentioned in its name that it was ‘runny’. This prepares customers for the explosion of molten custard lava that oozes out upon the smallest bite. Be careful when eating it right off the steamer!

While the bun is incomparable to that of the BBQ Pork Buns, the filling stole the show here. Slightly sweet with a touch of savoury and eggy flavour, runny custard bun should be a must-get item. 

Now, onto the deep-fried goods.

twin star dimsum - crispy prawn dumpling

The Crispy Prawn Dumpling (S$3.90 for 3 pieces) was fried till crispy and golden. Like the Crystal Prawn Dumpling, whole prawns were used in this item. The prawns had a distinct snappy bite which was an indication that they were well-cooked. I also liked the amount of prawns that were present.

twin star dimsum - yam fritter chashao

The Deep Fried Taro Dumpling (S$3.90 for 3 pieces) was my second favourite after the BBQ Pork Buns. They were super crunchy but not over-fried and oily at all. I had to give it to those crispy bits coating the dumpling that created a satisfying crunch in every bite. 

A thin layer of smooth taro paste covered the interior of the oval-shaped dumpling. The filling contained some gravy which was delightful. It was like a secret dipping sauce that went well with fried items. 

However, in contrast to the BBQ Pork Buns, the pork filling used here was less fresh. There was a tinge of frozen meat taste, which I found unpleasant.

Final thoughts

twin star dimsum - several dishes

Service was really smooth and both team members were very responsive to customers’ needs. One of them even noticed my slow eating pace and offered to reheat the food items. 

Their location may be slightly far for non-Yishun residents. However, I can tell that many residents living in the vicinity consider this a hawker gem!

Overall, with hawker food prices inevitably on the rise, Twin Star Dim Sum’s menu prices are rather standard. However, I would still choose to pay a little more for larger dim sum dumplings and steamed items.

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Twin Star Dim Sum

Block 732, Yishun Ave 5, #01-380, Singapore 760732

Our Rating 3/5

Twin Star Dim Sum

Block 732, Yishun Ave 5, #01-380, Singapore 760732

Telephone: +65 8838 7903
Operating Hours: 8am - 3pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue
Telephone: +65 8838 7903

Operating Hours: 8am - 3pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue