UbinEats is New Ubin’s Latest Virtual Restaurant Catering to Solo Diners

New Ubin certainly is a name that most of us have heard of and a seafood restaurant I’m sure many of us have patronised.

They’re famous for their fresh, succulent seafood dishes, and I’m sure many missed digging into their dishes during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.


As a solution to feed our hungry bellies—especially if we’re not always fortunate to have a big family to share all our delivery meals with—they devised a plan in the form of UbinEats. It’s a virtual restaurant, which houses several sub-brands on its platform like Ubin Nasi Lemak, Ah Koon Scissor Cut Curry Rice, and Uncle Hoe Boba Teh.

The idea surely is a novel one, and it was exciting to try local favourites whipped up by a beloved brand.

Ubineats 3

One that was I looking forward to the most was Ubin Nasi Lemak (S$15), which comes housed in bento-style container. It arrived with ayam bakar, sambal cuttlefish, and a triangle omelette atop a bed of fluffy coconut milk-infused rice.

Ubineats 4

The ayam bakar was lip-smackingly delicious with a nice touch of spiciness that I didn’t anticipate.

To balance the heat, the santan-rich rice did a nice job of adding richness to the meal but also a pleasant aroma in every spoonful.

Ubineats 5

Another meal that stood out to me was the Chicken Masala (S$12) by Vijay Banana Leaf.

The basmati rice hadn’t dried out during the commute and the deep-fried boiled egg really made the meal very satiating.

Ubineats 6

The chicken flesh fell off the bone with little tugging and the gravy was satisfyingly deep and savoury. This, too, was slightly spicy but with just a few spoonfuls of rice and pickled onions, the heat quickly dissipated.

Ubineats 2

To quench your thirst, don’t forget to order from Uncle Hoe Boba Teh e-restaurant, which offers teas such as Honey Lemon Black Tea (from S$3.90) and even Gula Melaka Milk Tea (S$4.90). Unfortunately, you can’t select your sugar level for any of the drinks, but after a few sips, I found them to be quite satisfactorily sweet.

It’s safe to say I was surprisingly impressed by the presentation of the meals, even after the commute, as well as the bold, robust flavours. It’s definitely an ideal alternative to the usual food delivery options we typically resort to, so the next time you’re searching for hearty local dishes during your lunch break, UbinEats is the way to go!

Date & Time: UbinEats is now available for order online

Prices: From S$2.90