First Dibs: Ume San 100 — Japanese speakeasy with clever disguised entrance at Fortune Centre

Beyond a facade of brightly lit, retro vending machines lies Ume San 100. Push the most inconspicuous hanbaiki in the row and you’ll uncover what houses one of the largest collections of umeshu in Singapore.

It is located at Fortune Centre and is set to open on 30 May 2023. Encounter umeshu with a wide range of flavour profiles as well as other izakaya fare and snacks at this new joint.

Ume San 100 - Storefront

On a mission to whisk you away to the +81, Ume San 100 sports an interior reminiscent of a Japanese izakaya with vintage and retro decor.

Ume San 100 - Alcohol Display & Wall Art

They have so many options that they detailed their selection in an Umeshu Bible to guide all of us lost souls to figuring out what to drink. Notably, Ume San 100 has over 9 different types of exclusive umeshu and many other varieties of plum liqueur.

Ume San 100 - Sea Garden

Ume San 100 has both counter seats and more private, individual tables. So if you so desire, get up close and personal to watch as the bartenders prepare your drink.

Ume San 100 - Umesan Nachi Pagoda

Like many izakaya, Ume San 100 has house-made snacks and food to enjoy alongside your drinks. The bright, eye-catching Umesan Nachi Pagoda (S$20) includes four flavours of freshly prepared chinmi (in this case, pickled seafood) and golden, deep-fried gyoza wrappersSalty and tangy, they are the perfect accompaniment to any drink.

Ume San 100 - Bomb Garlic Chicken Karage & Spicy Tuna Kobachi

As both a croquette and uni lover, their This Uni is the Bomb (S$14 for 2 pcs) is pure bliss. The molten uni cream that oozes out the moment you take a bite is phenomenal. Ume San 100 also has izakaya classics like their Garlic Chicken Karage (S$16) and Spicy Tuna Kobachi (S$16) to settle those hunger pangs.

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Ume San 100 - Sea Garden & 3-Piece Su Misura

Reimagining cocktail drinks in the most imaginative and insta-worthy way, Ume San 100 presents a modern and captivating bar experience.

Their ethereal Sea Garden (S$22) is made with a gin blend of Plymouth and Genever, lime acid, prosecco and butterfly pea flower. The addition of edible fairy dust makes the already beautiful galaxy-coloured drink twinkle in the most mesmerising way.

Going old-school, Ume San 100 also has a 3-Piece Su Misura (S$20); a twist on the classic Tuxedo. Arriving in adorable test-tubes, you can choose to mix everything together at once or enjoy it “piece by piece”.

Ume San 100 Wagyu is the New Black Chahan

Craving rice? Just a sniff of Ume San 100’s intensely fragrant Wagyu is the New Black Chahan (S$22) would make you feel full. The smoky, black charcoal rice is topped with chunks of lightly seasoned wagyu and tobiko for a punch of umami.

Ume San 100 - Angry Asari Ramen

If you’re extra hungry, their Angry Asari Soup Ramen would also be sure to arrest your hanger. Made with fresh asari (a type of Japanese clam), their white miso and tonkotsu based broth has a gentle sweetness and indulgent body to it. The prickly heat of the added chilli brings everything together, cutting through the rich broth.

Ume San 100 - Fruity Umeshu Set

For those looking to try several different types of umeshu, Ume San 100 also has several Umeshu Tasting Sets that come in a flight of 3. Slip into the world of umeshu with their Fruity Umeshu Set (S$16) which has fruit juices like yuzu and pineapple mixed in.

Ume San 100 - Yamazaki Umeshu Raisin Vanilla Gelato

Like icing on a cake, Ume San 100’s house made Yamazaki Umeshu & Raisin Vanilla Gelato (S$14) will sweeten any evening. Their gelato is topped with Yamazaki ‘Whisky Blend – Rich Amber’ Umeshu soaked raisins for an alcoholic kick.

For the whole of Jun 2023, the Umesan Nachi Pagoda will also be going at 50% off — I know I’ll be heading down yet again. Be sure to check out Ume San 100 when it launches for the most unique umeshu experience on our little red dot!

Rakuya: Affordable Japanese Omakase with a twist featuring the freshest ingredients, curated by Chef David Yeoh

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Ume San 100

190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #02-07, Singapore 188979

Our Rating 4.5/5

Ume San 100

190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #02-07, Singapore 188979

Operating Hours: 5pm - 11pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 5pm - 11pm (Daily)