8 Unexpected Food Places In Singapore You Can Get Food Delivery From

Living in Singapore, it’s always easy to get good food. Restaurants, cafes, fast food joints and hawker stalls are just around the corner for most of us.

I’m sure we’ve all had a case of the munchies while lazing around at home. Instead of calling up the usual pizza or fast food delivery, why not go for other varieties and try out honestbee? With a huge variety of eateries that you can order from, you homebodies can get restaurant-quality food without leaving the comfort of your home.

Spice up your stay-home chill sesh with these 8 food places you didn’t know you can get food delivery from!

1. Paradise Dynasty

You can enjoy a sumptuous spread from Paradise Dynasty and impress your guests without stepping out of your home, making it perfect for dinner parties.

Honestbee Paradise Dynasty 02

If you’re up for something mouth-numbingly spicy, the Poached Sliced Fish In Szechuan Chilli Oil 正宗重庆水煮鱼 ($24.40) is a must-try. Its sizeable portion makes it a good sharing dish, if your guests can take the heat.

Honestbee Paradise Dynasty 07

Otherwise, the Stir-Fried Shredded Pork In Black Bean Sauce Served With Chinese Crepes 京酱肉丝 ($14.77) is another great communal dish.

Minced pork in noodle-like strands is served on a bed of crunchy spring onion curls. Together with the paper-thin Chinese crepes, this dish is like a DIY popiah full of meaty goodness.

Honestbee Paradise Dynasty 03

Of course, if you just want a quick snack, the Radish Pastry 萝卜丝酥饼 ($5.56) is one of their most popular dishes. Crispy and flaky on the outside with moist radish filling, I just couldn’t get enough of it. Each order comes with three pieces, but I could definitely finish them on my own! If you want to try these dishes, use our promo code* SLPD!

Order from Paradise Dynasty on honestbee

2. Tim Ho Wan

If all that talk about radish pastries has you craving dim sum, then lean back in your comfy couch and whip out your phone to order from Tim Ho Wan.

Honestbee Tim Ho Wan 01

There’s nowhere else in Singapore that does Baked Bun With BBQ Pork ($5.30) as well as Tim Ho Wan. Whenever I’m craving this beautiful marriage of bo lo bao (菠萝包) and char siew bao, I simply have to get my fix ASAP.

Honestbee Tim Ho Wan 02

The crispy sugary skin crumbled easily when I bit into it, revealing the juicy savoury char siew filling. It’s pretty addictive, so I won’t recommend sharing the three pieces.

Honestbee Tim Ho Wan 04

For more local flavours, their Chilli Crab Taro Dumplings ($5.50) will hit the spot. The rich yam filling complemented the chilli crab well, and the crispy flaky exterior added a lovely crunch.

Skip the queue at this popular dim sum place and enjoy dim sum while in your pyjamas. Psst, use our promo code* SLTHW to get your dim sum fix!

Order from Tim Ho Wan on honestbee

3. A-One Claypot House

Comfort food is always a good way to unwind on chilly days. You can get claypot porridge brought to your doorstep with honestbee food delivery from A-One Claypot House.

Honestbee A One Claypot House Online 01

Splurge a little on their Claypot Dried Chilli Frog’s Meat 瓦煲宫保田鸡 ($18.90) and a claypot of Plain Porridge ($4.90). Some days, you just need a little pick-me-up, and the kick of spice in this restaurant-style frog porridge might be just what you need.

Honestbee A One Claypot House Online 02

The Dried Scallop With Frog’s Meat Porridge 干贝田鸡粥 ($13.90) is a lighter option, perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather.

Rainy days are made for warm claypot dishes, so snuggle up in your favourite comforter, and settle in with some claypot porridge.

Rainy days are made for warm claypot dishes, so snuggle up in your favourite comforter, and settle in with some claypot porridge. Make your stay-in days even better with our promo code* SLAONE!

Order from A-One Claypot House on honestbee


Up for a proper restaurant meal? COLLIN’S® offers a lovely delivery menu that’s full of excellent grilled meats, pasta and more.

Some days you just want a sit-down restaurant meal, but there’s always looming deadlines. Why not order some of COLLIN’S® grilled meats for a hearty yet convenient meal?

Honestbee Collins 10

The Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($24.40 for 200g) is cooked on a charcoal grill, infusing it with a smoky flavour. While the cut wasn’t super fatty, I found that the lean meat was still tender and juicy.

Honestbee Collins 05

The BBQ Roasted Pork Ribs ($19.90) is must-try for meat lovers. The meat fell off the bones easily, and fell apart in my mouth without much effort.

Honestbee Collins 06

Pair your meal with mocktails such as Kiss On The Lips ($6.90) and Touch Of Passion ($6.90) to undercut the richness of the meal. Otherwise, the Avocado Shake ($7.40) is a delicious smoothie made with real avocados, honey and gula melaka.

Glam up your meals with our promo code* SLCLS!

Order from COLLIN’S® on honestbee

5. Sushi Express

Sushi Express is exclusively partnering up with honestbee to provide us with sushi platters and our favourite dishes!

Honestbee Sushi Express 03

The Season Sushi Platter ($25 for 38 pieces) comes with a great variety. With basics like Tamago and Corn Gunkan, to popular sushi like the Hana Maki, there’s something in this platter for everyone.

Honestbee Sushi Express 04

I particularly liked the Caramelised Salmon which had a slightly sweet and crunchy caramelised top layer.

Honestbee Sushi Express 11

If you’re ordering for one, the Grilled Cheese Abalone And Aburi Salmon Bento ($10.50 for 10 pieces) would be enough to fill you up. The Cheesy Abalone had a good mix of light seafood flavour from the abalone, and a richer savoury flavour from the cheese.

Satisfy your sushi craving with our promo code* SLSE!

Order from Sushi Express on honestbee

6. MOS Burger/MOS Café

For the first time, you can even order from MOS Burger and MOS Cafe, and get it delivered to your house. Their exclusive partnership with honestbee is great news if you’re craving a rice burger or two.

Honestbee Mos Cafe 04

The Wagyu Demi-Glace Rice Bowl ($7.90) from MOS Café is an upgraded and deconstructed version of their rice burgers. Served with a lightly breaded hard-boiled egg, there was also a generous portion of tender Wagyu beef patty.

Honestbee Mos Cafe 05

I really liked how the savoury sauce went well with the meaty flavours and the fluffy white rice.

Honestbee Mos Cafe 02

If you’re feeling thirsty, try their Special Fruit Tea ($4.50). The drink came with lots of fruit pieces, including raspberries, kiwis, grapefruits and mangoes. The blend of tangy and sweet flavours made it super refreshing.

Grab a meaty bite with our promo code* SLMOS!

Order from MOS Burger/MOS Café on honestbee

7. Jollibee

This fast food chain from Philippines is so popular that the waiting time at their Lucky Plaza outlet often exceeds an hour. If you can’t wait that long for your fried chicken, honestbee offers delivery from Jollibee too.

Honestbee Jollibee 02

The 2 Pieces Chickenjoy With Regular Sides ($8.20 for value meal) is their most iconic dish, and certainly doesn’t disappoint. I chose Original Flavour for the chicken meal, which came with a dipping gravy.

Honestbee Jollibee 05

Even the chicken breast piece was juicy and tender, while the skin was perfectly crispy.

Honestbee Jollibee 04

Pasta lovers can try the Jolly Spaghetti ($4 for a la carte, $5 for value meal), which came with a rather sweet tomato sauce mixed with minced beef and chunks of ham and sausages.

Their pineapple drink is unique to Jollibee, and reminded me of the mugs of pineapple juice I used to get at hawker centres. Sink your teeth into fried chicken goodness with our promo code* SLJB!

Order from Jollibee on honestbee

8. Subway

Of course, if you’re more into healthy foods, honestbee also does delivery for Subway. Yes, you can now get footlong subs and delicious cookies from the comfort of your home!

Honestbee Subway Online 03

You get the same options as in-store ordering, so customise away! My go-to order is Roasted Chicken Breast Sub ($7 for a la carte, $10.20 for chips/cookie meal), with an assortment of greens and Honey Mustard sauce.

Honestbee Subway Online 02

And I could never skip the cookies, which I usually keep as a mid-day snack. Chewier than regular cookies, these sizeable snacks are pretty filling too.

Stay healthy with delicious munchies, using our promo code* SLSUB!

Order from Subway on honestbee

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