Urban Table: Be blown away by Bacon & Onion Quiche at this Serangoon cafe

In a cosy little nook near Serangoon MRT Station is a newly opened cafe called Urban Table. At only two weeks old, this cafe is already attracting a considerable crowd that I’m sure is going to become a regular clientele. If you’ve already exhausted the places in our brunch recommendations, read on.

Urban Table 1

Located at ICB Shopping Centre, Urban Table is immediately noticeable as you approach.

Upon entry, you’ll be immediately charmed by the cosily industrial interior design and the friendly staff who greet you. They really did right with giving each table enough breathing space for comfort and privacy. Despite the minimal aesthetic, the place still feels warm and inviting.

Urban Table 3

Urban Table offers brunch, desserts and coffee that’ll leave you pretty spoilt for choice despite their relatively modest selection of savoury food. Just one glance at their display case of the day’s selection was enough to whet my appetite.

Urban Table 5

What I tried

The brunch options are hearty and satisfying plates of goodness that switch up every day. I came on a day where they served the Pancakes (S$14.90), the Bacon and Onion Quiche (S$14.90) and their classic Ham and Cheese Croissant (S$14.90).

Urban Table 9

You might think I’m greedy—and I am—but just look at that! My favourite kind of brunch is the kind that includes a good carb-to-protein ratio, and this spread hit all the spots.

Each brunch plate came with a generous portion of salad doused in vinaigrette. Many of my friends knew me as a vegetarian who hated salad, but even I can’t turn up my nose at Urban Table’s. With strips of tri-coloured bell peppers and fragrant sunflower seeds, the salads actually provided a welcome refreshment to the savoury mains.

Urban Table 6

The Pancakes were delightfully fluffy and golden-brown, served on a platter with well-seasoned scrambled eggs and strips of fatty bacon. Always a favourite, the creamy eggs worked so beautifully with the crispy bacon. Each mouthful was positively pleasurable.

Even though the pancakes were on the denser side, I couldn’t stop eating them for their buttery texture and slightly salty taste.

Urban Table 7

Urban Table’s budding signature dish is the Ham and Cheese Croissant that boasts a generous combination mozzarella, cheddar and edam in a flaky pastry. The mixture created a creamy mouthfeel with sharpness from the cheddar that made each bite more interesting.

If the cheddar had been a little more melted though, I think it would have brought out its flavours better.

To complete that ingenious medley of cheeses, the honey baked ham was cut to a perfect thickness. I love a good ratio in anything I eat, so I really enjoyed how the ham provided enough textural contrast to the cheese in each bite.

Urban Table 15

And now for the big hit I didn’t know I needed: the Bacon and Onion Quiche. What looked like an unassuming pie turned out to be a scrumptious balance of smooth eggy filling, crispy bacon and fragrant onion.

I think what really sold it was the onion. It provided such a pleasant depth of flavour, especially with the slightly crisped ones at the surface.

Urban Table 14

The crust also held its structural integrity when cut while managing to be deliciously flaky.

A pro-tip, though: remember to pre-divide this quiche if you’re sharing it with someone. I turned away for a moment only to find that my companion had blissfully eaten the last bite. You don’t want to break up over brunch.

Urban Table 12

It’s not a full trip to Urban Table if you don’t try their dessert. If there’s tension between you and partner over poorly apportioned quiche, appease yourselves with the Rose Strawberry Shortcake.

The strawberry chunks in light airy cream provided a welcome acidity against the sponge cake soaked in sweet lychee-like rose syrup.

Urban Table 13

The sponge was a little too soft, which they were apologetic about as it usually is thicker and sturdier.

I did realise after the brunch dishes that I was parched, so they could’ve been lighter-handed with the salt there. Nevertheless, the sweet, juicy cake ended the meal very refreshingly.

Final thoughts

Urban Table has successfully reified their vision of a place for quiet mornings with slow-paced brunches and coffee. They are what every cafe wishes to be—delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere. With its steadily growing fan-base, part of me wishes to keep it a secret so I can continue enjoying it in its present serenity.

Expected Damage: S$6 – S$20 per pax 

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Urban Table

10A-E, Yio Chu Kang Road, ICB Shopping Centre, Singapore 545524

Our Rating 5/5

Urban Table

10A-E, Yio Chu Kang Road, ICB Shopping Centre, Singapore 545524

Operating Hours: 9am - 9pm (Tue to Sat), 9am - 6pm (Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 9am - 9pm (Tue to Sat), 9am - 6pm (Sun), Closed on Mon