Shandi Global Vegan Chicken Drumstick — Plant-based food just got more exciting

With veganism on the rise in the bid to improve health and to encourage sustainability, the popularity of vegan options such as the Impossible Foods have also spiked in recent years. Catering to mass consumers who are increasingly shifting to plant-based alternatives, Singapore-based startup, Shandi Global, debuted their latest Vegan-friendly product—Vegan Chicken Drumstick.

Vegan Chicken Drumstick 5
Credit – Shandi Global

Priced at S$2.80 per 300g, Shandi Global’s Vegan Chicken Drumstick is expected to hit the shelves of major retail chains by the first quarter this year. 

Founded by Dr. Reena Sharma and Dr. Aditya Sharma in 2018, the startup has been making use of their technology to create a unique blend of plant ingredients which contain all the amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in chicken meat. In order to recreate the tender and juicy texture similar to the real deal, High Moisture Meat Analogous (HMMA) extrusion technology is utilised for all their products. 

Vegan Chicken Drumstick 2
Credit – Shandi Global

Made with nutritious, non-GMO plant ingredients including pea protein, urad lentils, white beans, black-eyed pea and cold-pressed coconut oil, the Vegan Chicken Drumstick can be described as an affordable alternative with no compromise on taste and nutrition. 

Whether it’s eaten alone or used in your sandwich along with your favourite sauce and vegetables, this Vegan Chicken Drumstick is said to provide you with the same satisfaction you can get with real barbecued chicken. 

Vegan Chicken Drumstick 4
Credit – Shandi Global

Chicken drumstick aside, Shandi Global’s range of products also includes vegan-friendly Chicken Patties, Shredded Chicken, Chicken Pieces and Chicken Strips. With the diversity of products they have, you can now make use of these sustainable alternatives in any dish of your desire!

With the increasing demand in vegetarian and vegan options, it no wonder plant-based products are expanding their presence especially in the local market. Ingredients aside, if you are looking for other meatless dining option, why not check out the new Lucky Cat Cafe

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Price: S$2.80 per 300g 

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