Waa Cow Sushi Bar: Come For Its Affordable Aburi Beef Bowl & Assorted Premium Wagyu Sushi At Raffles Place

The good people behind Waa Cow has brought its famous beef bowl all the way from the National University of Singapore to Raffles Place MRT’s Raffles Xchange.

On top of its affordable beef bowls, Waa Cow Sushi Bar serves premium assorted wagyu beef sushi with a pretty affordable price tag.

We all know that it is difficult to find decently priced quality food in the Central Business District, but Waa Cow’s here to change the game and bonus points for the neon pink signs that added a modern touch to this restaurant.

The interior was brightly lit with a wallpaper reminiscent of ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, a classic piece of Japanese art from the Edo-period. Overall, it gives off a contemporary-meets-traditional vibe.

Only available during dinner, we tried the Ultimate Beef Sushi Experience ($36.80) that includes eight pieces of Wagyu beef sushi with different flavour profiles. If you want something lighter, go for the Petite Wagyu Sushi Platter ($16.90) that has four pieces instead of eight.

You might think that it’s quite expensive for a few pieces of sushi but don’t forget that you will be having Australian Tajima Wagyu beef with a marbling score of nine, which usually costs a lot more if you have them elsewhere.

Waa Cow’s Niigata sushi rice is made with konbu (kelp) and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) infused house-special vinegar from Japan, which added a tinge of umami to the sushi. Torched to a perfect medium doneness, this ultimate platter is perfect for all the beef and sushi lovers out there.

Yuzu Foie Gras (left) was one of my favourites, the buttery goose liver and tender slice of wagyu beef were elevated with the sweetness from the nikiri (sweet soy sauce) glaze, finished with a slight floral aftertaste from the zesty yuzu (citrus) peel.

With an opulent combination of Hokkaido sea urchin and French goose liver, the Ultimate was extremely indulgent as the sea urchin added a creamy and sweet finish to the bite.

Singaporeans would love the Mentaiko Beef  with added tobiko that gave a nice crunchy mouthfeel. I am a huge fan of salmon mentaiko, so its torched beef counterpart works for me too.

The beef used for its signature Wagyu Beef Bowls comes from America’s Snake River Farms, and it’s sous-vide for 24 hours prior to torching with the house-special nikiri sauce.


Who can resist these juicy slices of smoky-sweet wagyu beef?

While the Petite version costs only $11.90, go for the Regular Aburi Wagyu Beef Bowl ($19.90) for something more substanstial.

On top of the wagyu slices, the bowl comes with torched rice, a blob of wasabioozey onsen egg topped with tobiko and Japanese sour plum to whet your appetite.

Although the beef tasted amazing on its own, feel free to spice up your meal by adding some wasabi.

For $2 supplement, you get a generous drizzle of torched Mentaiko and that went really well with the rice. If you have a bad habit of not finishing your rice after you are done with the ingredients, the addition of Mentaiko will help rid that habit.

Considering that there wasn’t any service charge for what I ordered (GST is included), the prices at Waa Cow is quite affordable since it’s located in Raffles Place.

I would highly recommend you to try the Mentaiko bowl for a quick lunch, but do keep in mind that the sushi platters are only available during dinner.

Expected Damage: $20 – $37 per pax

Waa Cow Sushi Bar: 5 Raffles Place, #B1-63, Singapore 048618| Opening Hours: 11am – 3.30pm, 5.30 – 8.30pm, (Sat) 12pm – 3pm, (Closed on Sundays) | Tel: 8383 9498 | Facebook