Cook Up Some Disney Magic With Walt Disney Studio’s Mickey-inspired Recipes

Growing up in the 80s, entertainment as a kid was much simpler. Without game consoles and social media, a large part of my childhood was spent playing hopscotch and watching cartoons.

And it goes without saying that some of my most memorable times were those when I simply sat glued in front of the television, watching Mickey Mouse and his gang do silly antics. 

Walt Disney Studio Mickey Online 4

If you enjoy cooking and is also a fan of Mickey, get ready to work up a storm and let some Disney magic happen with Walt Disney Studio’s series of recipes!

In collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board, Walt Disney Studio has to date released three recipes on their Facebook specially curated to shape like their beloved mascot, Mickey Mouse!

Walt Disney Studio Mickey Online 2

Jazz up your breakfast with a cup of coffee alongside a Mickey-shaped Kaya Toast. If that is too sweet for your liking, there is also a less sweet option, the Mickey-shaped Pandan Chiffon Cake Siew Dai

Kids can get a little picky when it comes to eating their greens. So why not entice them with a Mickey-shaped Popiah? Filled with an array of vegetables and shrimps, this is an ideal lunch-box option that might just get them to willingly pick up their forks.

Walt Disney Studio Mickey Online 3

Even if you are not planning to recreate these recipes, the aesthetically pleasing colours and beautiful illustrations are enough to leave you ogling at your screens.

The Mickey-shaped Pandan Chiffon Cake Siew Dai has got a spot in my list of must-bake goodies and I can’t wait to see what else Walt Disney Studio has got installed for us!

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