Wang Yuan Fish Soup: The Ultimate ‘Zenged’ Fish Soup With Over 30 Fish Grades & Premium Seafood Ingredients At Tampines Central CC

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 1

Hawker dishes with premium seafood have been all the rage lately and understandably so, because who doesn’t enjoy seafood at affordable prices? But while these dishes are absolutely delicious, it isn’t considered the healthiest option either.

So if you’re looking for something that’s tasty yet nutritious, Wang Yuan Fish Soup has definitely got you covered. Located at Tampines Central Community Complex, this humble fish soup stall may look unassuming but it actually carries over 30 different kinds of fish grades including Norwegian salmon, tuna, snapper, grouper and even crocodile meat, among many others.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 2

Like any other fish soup stall, they sell basic bowls of fish soup with the standard batang fish slices but who can pass up on an in-house special like the Lobsterlicious Coconut Milk Fish Soup ($20). 

This “zenged” version of fish soup comes with everything from fresh salmon slices, tobiko and naturally grown vegetables to premium seafood items such as flower clams, oysters and lobster. All this is simmered with oodles of low carb ramen in a non-msg laden soup base that’s delicious even without any seasoning.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 3

To improve the well-being of his customers, the stall owner also puts out a selection of at least eight different health improving sauces to go with the fish soups.

The condiments in these handmade dips are essentially brain food that are selected due to their nutritional value but that’s not all because they also serve to complement the different cuts of fish at the same time.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 4

Covering a good portion of the plate was a generous amount of Tobiko that added a much-needed burst of umami and brought about more depth to the flavour of the broth.

I’m used to having these with Japanese cuisine so pairing them with fish soup was definitely a first for me and it was great to say the least. 

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 5

Instead of the regular Spanish Mackerel, sashimi grade fishes such as the Salmon Trout are available with this special combination or as a standalone.

Since their fishes are all delivered fresh from the Jurong Fishery Port daily, you can rest assured that the fish slices are of a good quality day in and out. 

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 6

The flower clams were cooked just right and didn’t have an overly chewy or rubbery texture that some tend to have.

In addition, the natural briny goodness of the clams was so flavourful that I found myself slurping the soup off of the shells themselves.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 7

Oysters will always be one of my favourite seafood ingredients to have because of how deliciously plump and juicy they are. The ones in this broth certainly didn’t disappoint as they had an almost creamy texture to them that is always much appreciated. 

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 8

What’s more, they go great with the dipping sauces. If you spot the chilli/lime sauce combination while you’re there, be sure to get dollops of that to pair with whatever seafood you might be having for the day. 

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 9

The main highlight of the meal was without a doubt, the Indonesian Green Lobster. I was pleasantly surprised by the fleshiness of the lobster and how easy it was to extract the meat from the shell. Not to mention, the tender and juicy flesh that came with it.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup 10

If you want some carbs to go with your fish soup, you can opt for Organic Noodles (+$1.50) instead of the regular instant noodles. Not only are these noodles a much healthier option but they also absorb the flavorful crustacean laden broth fairly well. 

This goes to show that there’s really no need for any additional seasoning when the seafood itself is capable of making the broth naturally sweet.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup is living proof that you can enjoy organic food with quality ingredients without having to splurge too much. So the next time you’re craving a piping hot bowl of fish soup on a rainy day, head over to this food gem of a stall for fresh fish varieties accompanied by generous portions of seafood. 

However, be sure to arrive before the lunchtime because the premium stocks are usually limited and sell out fast!

Expected Damage: $5 – $20++ per pax

Wang Yuan Fish Soup: 866A Tampines Street 83, Level 2 Tampines Central Community Complex, Singapore 520866 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 7.30pm daily | Tel: 81124033 | Facebook