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Wanna Cuppa: A Secret Garden Cafe In Clarke Quay That’ll Take You Back To The 1920s

Last Updated: May 25, 2018

Written by Marissa Mir

Wanna Cuppa exterior

If you’re a fan of The Great Gatsby, you’re going to love Wanna Cuppa. The quaint 1920s inspired cafe is directly across from Clarke Quay Central, on the New Bridge Road side and you can hardly miss their bright signage.

Wanna Cuppa interior

I must admit, I didn’t expect the interior and ambience to be so charming as the cafe name gives nothing of that away. There’s definitely a 1920s vibe, with the smooth jazz music in the background and timeless decor throughout, making it a great atmosphere for a good catch up with an old friend.

Wanna Cuppa interior

It’s 1920s meets secret garden and it was a pleasant surprise finding some actual greenery further inside, complete with cosy sofas and jazzy cushions.

I had only hoped that the menu would further the theme, but it was nice to see the incorporation of some local flavours as well.

Wanna Cuppa drinks

I couldn’t come to a cafe called Wanna Cuppa and not order a cuppa, so I went for a classic Cappuccino ($5.50). All the coffees are made with award winning Signature Blend coffee beans from Justin Metcalf World Barista JudgeTM which means you’re guaranteed a solid brew.

If you don’t fancy coffee, Wanna Cuppa has many other refreshing drink options including Iced Flavoured Sodas ($6.90) and Thai Iced Milk Tea ($3.50). 

Wanna Cuppa fried enoki

Mushroom fries tend to be of the portobello variation, so Wanna Cuppa’s signature Enoki Mushroom Fries ($7.90) were a welcome change. Enoki mushrooms themselves aren’t usually very flavourful, but this golden crunchy bunch was seasoned well and was great as a starter.

Wanna Cuppa crab pasta

The recommended main was the Crabbie Spaghetti With Tomato Cream ($14.90) and being quite a fan of pink sauce pastas, I had to try it!

The price was reasonable for the portion size, with a substantial amount of crab meat dispersed throughout and a sauce that didn’t end with me feeling jelak. I would definitely come back for this again.

Wanna Cuppa desserts

An enticing display of cakes and other desserts will tempt you after your meal, but I found the cake prices slightly steep for what they are. At $7.90 for a slice of a Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, I think I’d opt for another coffee instead.

Perhaps try the Speculoos Cheesecake ($7.90) or the 1920s Smores ($8.50) instead for more unique flavours that will justify the price.

Wanna Cuppa interior

If you need a bit of an afternoon break and a pick-me-up, Wanna Cuppa is centrally located and will help you unwind with some smooth jazz and garden vibes. Decent food and a proper cup of coffee will keep you coming back for more.

This 1920s secret garden might not be a secret for much longer.

Expected damage: $8 – $20 per pax

Wanna Cuppa: 15 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059385 | Tel: +65 6816 2494 | Website | Opening hours: (Mon – Thurs) 8.30am – 10pm, (Fri) 8.30am – 12pm, (Sat) 10am – 12am, (Sun) 10am – 6pm

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