Where to donate in Singapore: Feel good with simple acts

Thank you for reading this. Perhaps you won’t donate today but it’s wonderful that your heart made you click through to this page. If you already know that you want to donate or volunteer, here is our quick guide on where to donate in Singapore.

For those who need a little extra convincing, scroll down to the end of this article for a quick 5-point summary on why donating is good for you and your soul.

Where to donate in Singapore

Charities play a crucial role in addressing social issues, supporting vulnerable populations and promoting positive change. Before you can decide where to donate in Singapore, you have to know which charities accept what you want to donate.

Where to donate used clothes in Singapore


Where to donate - Cloop
Credit – Cloop

Cloop is short for ‘closing the fashion loop’, which refers to their aim of repurposing the 254,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles discarded annually. You can drop your new or used clothing at over 400 Cloop recycling bins around Singapore. They even have a shop where you can save big while minimising waste.

102 Henderson Road, Singapore 159562
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Where to donate - Zara
Credit – Zara

Fashion brand Zara runs a clothes donation program, too. They have clothes collection containers in-store where you can deposit the clothes you want to give to charity. You can find all their stores on this page. You can find more information on their Clothing Donation page.

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Where to donate books in Singapore

FairPrice Share-A-Textbook

Where to donate - FairPrice
Credit – FairPrice

NTUC’s FairPrice Share-A-Textbook project helps children from needy families get the same education opportunities as other kids their age. It runs conveniently every November, right when your kids are done with their textbooks and in time to clear them before your year-end house cleaning ritual. Stay tuned for more info.

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Sony’s South Africa Mobile Library Project

Where to donate - SAPESI
Credit – SAPESI

The South Africa Mobile Library Project in collaboration with SAPESI (South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative) is dedicated to improving childhood literacy in South Africa. They use mobile libraries donated from around the world to loan books to both children and their teachers at local schools. Educators are also given guidance on how to select the right books and support the kids’ growth.

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Where to donate toys in Singapore

Food from the Heat Toy Buffet

Where to donate - Toy Buffet
Credit – Toy Buffet

The Toy Buffet is a large carnival that is held annually every November. It treats about 3,000 kids from needy homes to a day of fun games, delicious food and, of course, the gift of toys. They accept donations of new and pre-loved toys as well as funds to purchase toys for the event. The annual toy drive happens in September and October. You can even hold your own toy donation drive!

+65 6280 4483
130 Joo Seng Road, #03-01, Singapore 368357

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Willing Hearts Orphanage

Where to donate - Willing Hearts Orphanage
Credit – Willing Hearts Orphanage

A Singaporean and his former domestic helper went from employer-employee to friends and Willing Hearts Orphanage in the Philippines is their baby. Today, it is home to over 30 kids between the ages of 4 and 12 who have nowhere to call home. This sanctuary is for orphans as well as others who were simply abandoned and rescued from a life on the streets.

+65 9824 1014
Blk 120, Potong Pasir Ave 1, St. Isidore Centre, #01-822, Singapore 350120

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Where to donate food in Singapore

The Food Bank Singapore

Where to donate - Food Bank SG
Credit – FBSG

The Food Bank Singapore was founded on the premise that no one in a country as advanced and organised as Singapore should go hungry. It’s true— much of the hunger here can be solved simply by rerouting food that otherwise goes to waste. Farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, restaurants and consumers as well as Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs) such as family service centres and soup kitchens donate food, time and money to keep FBSG going.

218 Pandan Loop, XPACE, Singapore 128408
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Lion’s Home for the Elders

Where to donate - Lion's Home for the Elders
Credit – Lion’s Home for the Elders

The Lion’s Club of Singapore is one of the most well-known and -respected charitable organisations in the country. The Lions Home For The Elders is an elderly care institution that relies on donations and volunteers to keep some of our most vulnerable senior citizens safe and comfortable. They are always on the lookout for donations of groceries from bakery goods to dim sum to fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can find their locations and opening hours here.


Where to donate blood in Singapore

Health Sciences Authority

Where to donate - Health Sciences Authority
Credit – HSA

Not quite the kind of donation most people have in mind when they want to contribute to society, blood donation is one of the most important services you can perform. The Health Sciences Authority is responsible both for regulating Singapore’s blood supply and regulating health products. Make an appointment to donate blood to the HSA here.

+65 6213 0838
11 Outram Road, Singapore 169078

Donate your time

Many of these charities, as well as others, are perpetually short-staffed and looking for volunteers. If you do not have the resources to donate money or physical objects, why not volunteer?

Where to donate - SG Cares
Credit – SG Cares

It’s perhaps the most rewarding way to contribute because you will be able to see the change that you are making in the world as it happens. A great place to start is SG Cares, a government website that lets you choose where you want to volunteer to make the most of your unique skillset.

Why donate?

So why would you take the money you work so hard for, the time that you always seem short of, and the limited energy you have, and just give it away? The more spiritual or mystical among us may say it’s just good karma.

But there are real-world and real-time, benefits, too. If you are still considering whether or not to donate in Singapore, here are some reasons to consider.

  • Tax deductions – This perhaps shouldn’t be the main reason but it’s still a 100% valid one. Donations to registered charities qualify for tax deductions that reduce your taxable income while supporting causes you care about.
  • Networking & community – For me, the best thing about volunteering my time has been the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals. I love the spirit of fraternity it fosters. It’s also an opportunity to network professionally.
  • Fulfilment & purpose – Giving to charities is a source of fulfilment and purpose. I feel immense joy and satisfaction knowing my contribution makes a difference.
  • Social Impact – Charitable giving allows you to be part of positive change. Your donations contribute to a better society and create lasting impact.
  • Your legacy – The impact of your donations, the impressions you make on people, and the lives you touch will live on in them. It will inspire them to greater things, as Steve Jobs proved.

Remember, every donation matters. Regardless of your choice of where to donate in Singapore, pick a cause that resonates with you and make that difference!

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