Xing Le Mala Hotpot’s new Tampines outlet has $9.90 Chongqing grilled fish till end Nov 2022

I was utterly surprised by Xing Le Mala Hotpot‘s insanely value-for-money promotion. Chongqing grilled fish is typically priced around $30 at most places, so they are in fact offering a very affordable price for what is given. The item is named as Grilled fish on tin foil on their menu, and the limited S$9.90 promotion for their grilled fish will be available till 30 Nov 2022. This is only exclusively available at their newest outlet, which is located at 478 Tampines Street 44.

Xing Le Mala - storefront

As its name suggests, Chongqing grilled fish originates from Chongqing. It’s crazy how all these addictive flavours of numbing sensations keep coming up from that part of China because I definitely want more!

Xing Le Mala Fish 1

The Grilled fish on tin foil is an enjoyable dish that one might describe as shiok! Each fish weighs about 700g to 800g, and it is typically presented as a butterflied whole fish splayed across a metal serving platter.

It contains the aromatic broth of your choice and an array of vegetables like Chinese cabbage and taugeh. The spices are incredibly addictive— not too spicy, and slightly numbing— and this heart-warming dish carries a broth that exudes comfort.

Xing Le Mala Hotpot 2

Indulge with one with your friends over their available flavour choices: Hot and Spicy, Green Chilli Pepper, Chopped Chilli, and Pickled Chilli.

Whether you like spicy or sour flavours, Xing Le Mala Hotpot is not stingy with their ingredients and heavy flavours. Though Chongqing grilled fish is usually served with dried chilli and peppercorns, they carefully place the fish in the oven first before frying it with more peppers and spices.

Xing Le Mala Hotpot also offers Chinese side dishes that complete the whole Sichuan cuisine experience. Whether or not you decide on Spicy Chicken Cubes (S$11), Sour Spicy Shredded Potato (S$6), or Tomato with Fried Egg (S$7), the list goes on and on.

Get ready for a fiery meal when you’re here, because these prices are so worth it you’d certainly want to order more. Xing Le Mala Hotpot is located all over Singapore, but unfortunately, the S$9.90 opening promotion is exclusive to the one at Tampines. However, if you’d like to try out their other dishes, check out their Facebook profile to locate the nearest outlet to you!

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