Yellow Cup Coffee: Singapore Coffee Review

“New York Style Coffee”

yellow cup coffee singapore cafe

Inspired by the bustling coffee culture of the Big Apple – New York City, Yellow Cup joined the ranks of the many young and vibrant new cafes around the island with a goal to serve first-rate coffee to its customers.

The cafe is styled in a pop-art concept, featuring many superheroes all around. The distinct yellow cup used were meant to evoke feelings of happiness, cheeriness and be spotted a mile away by a one-eyed pirate.

yellow cup - menu

With an inventory of coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, Uganda, El Salvador, Indonesia, Nicaragua , Brazil and even Hawaii, the lattes boasted impressively rich flavours and a thick crema.

yellow cup coffee

Nicaragua Latte ($5/$6.50). Dubbed “the relaxing sip” by the barista himself, the Nicaragua is a soft-bodied, citrusy number with a hint of black cherry. The crema was pretty decent, and worked very well in tying the entire drink together.

Yellow cup coffee Sumatra Long BerrySumatra Long Berry Latte ($5/$6.50). For anybody in need of a perk-me-up, the Sumatra Long Berry is for you. Full bodied coffee that really coats your palate, yet rather crisp to the taste. Notes of tobacco, cedar and a hint of brown sugar.

yellow cup - coffee machine

To ensure the quality of their coffee, Yellow Cup uses a beast of a coffee machine, the top-of-the-line La Marzocco Strada EP 3Group Espresso Machine, and the coffee is calibrated daily with the optimal extraction with the pressure profiling technology of the Strada to ensure that the coffee beans are not over or under extracted.

They also serve flavoured coffees like a Hawaiian latte, which adds coconut syrup; that’s how it’s done in Hawaii. But personally I find the coconut flavour too artifical and disruptive, pretty much disrupting the taste of the coffee beans.

For great coffee at affordable prices with an amazing ambience a la New York, Yellow Cup is definitely worth a visit. They might be a bit rough around the edges at the moment in terms of their coffees execution, but should get better and more precise with time.

Expected Damage: $4-$6.50 a cup

Yellow Cup Coffee: 20 Havelock Road, #01-09, Central Square | Singapore 059765 | Website