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SKIRT (W Hotel Sentosa): Singapore Food Review


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 “The Boldest Grill”

SKIRT w hotel singapore

Since SKIRT opened, I’ve always wanted to try their famed dry aged beef, but my reluctance to travel to Sentosa has always countered my want. I mean, you have to pay a $4 toll fee just to get to this freaking island.

I finally got down to eating at SKIRT while researching for my best steak guide in Singapore, and boy am I glad I did.

skirt w hotel sentosa restaurant

Stepping into SKIRT (or even W Hotel for that matter) sort of brings you to another world. Upholstery and lines of golden hues, modern overhead installations all greet you in this magnificently designed restaurant.

Skirt sentosa aged meat

Choice Argentinean, Australian and U.S. meats are hung in aging cabinets alongside specialty cuts of milk-fed lamb, saltbush lamb and venison. Dry aging especially, adds more flavour to the beef as moisture leaves the meat (leaving more concentrated meat), while the natural enzymes break down muscle tissue to create more tender flesh.

Dry aging has to be controlled in specific temperatures, and differs from beef to beef for the Chef’s wanted flavour.

skirt w hotel parilla grill

SKIRT is also well known to use the heavily fired Parrilla grill to cook their steaks, leaving a beefy smoky flavour from the burnt juices that drip down and evaporate up again.

skirt foccacia

The starter Foccacia bread is served with pork oil and artichoke hummus to whet the appetite.

skirt rillette, pate, pastrami

Blackmore Rillette, Pate, Pastrami, Bersaola ($38). A cold platter of beef cuts and rillette to start off the night. The sous vide beef rillette was especially delightful; swimming in fats, tender and going so well with the foccacia bread.

SKIRT sentosa w hotel palate cleanser

From left: Homemade BBQ Sauce, Apple Bourbon. If you ordered beef, you’ll be served with these 2 little potions. One to flavour your beef, one to freshen the palate. The apple bourbon although strong, is sweet and definitely kick starts my stomach.

SKIRT bone-in striploin

Bone-in 500g Striploin ($104). Black Market Black Angus beef with mbs 5+. Exclusively supplied to SKIRT. This has a light char and good flavours coming from the roasted bone. Although not as much marbling as a wagyu, I felt this had excellent balance and nice distribution of fats all around.

SKirt steak blackmore

Skirt steak 200g ($68). Blackmore full blood Wagyu, grain fed with mbs 9+. Not exactly winning the beauty pageant of dishes, but the signature steak here. The Blackmore Wagyu seems to have a subtle, unique underlying sweetness to it and is definitely juicier. However in terms of flavour, the bone-in striploin is still my pick for more well-roundedness.

SKIRT red wine

Robert Mondavi, Merlot 2009. A full bodied supple wine with some acidity, going well with the more marbled steaks we’re having tonight to counter-balance the umami. Nods of blackcurrant aroma, this was the recommended pairing wine.

skirt w hotel mushrooms

Sautéed Portobello Mushroom ($16). Huge sauteed, meaty portobellos as a side to go along with the steaks.

skirt basil sorbet

Compressed Watermelon Yoghurt, Basil Sorbet ($16) . Very refreshing and unique sorbet with eye-catching color contrast. The basil is added to the sorbet later on in the production process so that the green color becomes more vibrant.

The soft sourness of the sorbet and compressed watermelon, with the hint of basil gives a tingle to the mouth and relief from all the fats consumed earlier.

skirt open kitchen

skirt w hotel singapore

A very relaxing and slow paced fine-dining restaurant, stepping into SKIRT at W Hotel felt like a mini holiday out of Singapore- I loved it.

I was doing some research online and found that many reviewers stated a different price for SKIRT’s steaks back in 2012, which was really affordable. Prices have increased since then, which brings SKIRT to the high-end steakhouse range, but definitely still not as expensive as CUT for similar quality.

Good service and ambience, SKIRT is definitely a steakhouse I would recommend for special occasions and for magnificent steaks. For steak connoisseurs who know specifically what type of beef they like, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection they have.

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Expected Damage: $100 – 150/pax

SKIRT: 21 Ocean Way, W hotel, Singapore 098374, | Tel: 6808 7278 | Website

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