10 Stylish HDB Bedrooms in Singapore You Won’t Mind Sleeping In

Need stylish HDB bedroom ideas?

New HDB flats are being built every year in Singapore, with families and couples moving into their new homes. Flat sizes are however, shrinking smaller and smaller due to our rising need for housing.

The bedroom, where you spend on average 1/3 of your life in, is also getting tinier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish and beautiful design for a good night’s rest. In fact, due to the compact area, planning the space becomes even more important to make sure you can fit in your bed, wardrobe, desk without looking claustrophobic. A good designer will also add elements to create the illusion of space even with our limited area.

The following 10 HDB Bedroom designs in Singapore show that despite our shrinking flat sizes, we can still achieve a chic look for the 1 room where you spend the most amount of time in at home.

1. Concaved Masterpiece

singapore hdb bedroom sengkang

Location: Sengkang, 4 Room HDB flat (92 Sqm)

A rich color scheme palette of teal and gold, the enclosed bed area distinctively separates each component of the bedroom, ensuring a cleaner and neater feel. The design almost borders on futuristic too, giving a cosy night’s sleep – couples will love it. This unique concaved elevated platform bed is truly a one-of-a-kind design in Singapore that is rarely seen.

A full walk-in wardrobe is also conveniently constructed right beside the bed enclave with a window within for natural light to shine through, as well as making the wardrobe more airy and less claustrophobic.

2. For The Studious

singapore hdb bedroom punggol

Location: Punggol, 4 Room HDB Flat (92 Sqm)

Using warm fluorescent lighting with elements of tan wood, this simple bed room exudes warmth and cosiness without much distractions. An efficient use of the limited room space combines the horizontal study table to the side of bed, which also links all the way up to the ceiling acting as shelving for any books or memorabilia. The perfect environment for a teenager to nurture his studies.

3. Fashionista’s Dream

singapore hdb bedroom jurong

Location: Jurong, Executive Apartment HDB Flat (125 Sqm)

This room is a stylish fashionista’s dream come true. Not only is there a full length mirror and a humongous 3-door wardrobe that fits more than my lifetime of clothings bought, the LED lighted dresser will make you feel like a movie star while you apply your makeup.

3b jurong

Ample display cabinets for storing branded bags, clothing and accessories also accompany this swanky dresser table for the fashionable independent woman – A modern queen’s bedroom.

4. Monochrome

singapore hdb bedroom ideas yishun

Location: Yishun, 4 Room HDB Flat (92 Sqm)

Decked out in basic black and whites, this modern monochrome bedroom smartly utilizes a rotating wall to share the mounted flat screen TV with the lounge area as well as the bedroom. Young couples can enjoy shows on the bed or chill out in the living room sofa while having friends over.

singapore hdb bedroom ideas yishun

The glass walk-in wardrobe, when paired with similarly colored clothings, adds to the design and appeal of the room, creating a more spacious environment while showing off the owner’s great fashion sense.

5. Rustic Scandinavian Style

singapore hdb bedroom ideas sengkang

Location: Sengkang. 5 Room HDB Flat (112 Sqm)

Only the bare essentials are featured in this very minimalist Scandinavian-inspired bedroom. With a platform built below the bed, you don’t really need to purchase a bedframe to complete the entire look.

A textured brick wall with randomly colored segments adds to the rustic sensation of this bedroom while still maintaining a simplistic design without being too boring. And yes, a flat screen TV mounted on said brick wall facing the bed is functional as well as ornamental.

6. Split-up Wardrobe

singapore hdb bedroom ideas yishun

Location: Yishun, 5 Room HDB Flat (112 Sqm)

Have more privacy while dolling up your face with this split wardrobe bedroom. By creating the wardrobe in the split wall, essentially a little snug walk-in wardrobe is created in this limited room space without having to hack down the walls of the room.

Accessibility and practicality are melded together in this bedroom suited for single young adults to inhabit. The wall’s side is also finished with similar wooden panels to match the wood flooring for an earthy and complimentary concept.

7. Clean Lines

singapore hdb bedroom ideas jurong

Location: Jurong, 5 Room HDB Flat (124 Sqm)

Simple lines on the walls create elegant patterns of symmetry rather than a dull plain room. A small bedroom no doubt, the long lines help make the room look more lengthy and wide as the eyes are drawn down these wall lines. The ceiling fan comes with a built-in LED light to give dual-purpose and a more compact use of top space.

The intimate dresser table built beside the wardrobe is suitable for the individual living here, with the large mirror again giving an illusion of more depth of space despite the limited area.

8. Glass Walk-in Wardrobe

singapore hdb bedroom ideas sengkang

Location Sengkang, 4 Room Flat (92 Sqm)

This huge walk-in wardrobe comes built with black framed glass doors that can be closed to keep the bed area cooler when the air-conditioning is turned on. Even with the doors to the wardrobe shut, the glass created the illusion of ample space. With this wardrobe design, there is no need to hack down the walls of the room to carve out a section.

If you have colorful apparels and accessories, this open wardrobe also adds to the vibrant aesthetic look of your bedroom. A great room design for the trendy ladies.

9. The Floating Bed

singapore hdb bedroom ideas sengkang

Location: Sengkang, 3 Room Flat (67 sqm)

Another bedroom design engineered to make a small room look more spacious, the various concealed LED lights at strategic edges create just that effect. In addition, the lights under the bed frame also creates an illuminated ‘floating’ bed effect, further adding to the gradual lightness reflected upon the white floor and walls.

The concealed sliding door wardrobe keeps the room neat and simple, while a wooden dresser is sufficient usage for one.

10. Going Dark

singapore hdb bedroom ideas jurong

Location: Jurong, 5 Room flat (115 Sqm)

Using ample amounts of dark wood in the flooring as well as the wide wardrobe doors, a sense of warmth and comfort is induced in this particular family-friendly bedroom. The modern earthy color scheme exudes a sense of cosiness couples will find particularly relaxing.

The full wall window with venetian blinds and curtains allow copious amounts of natural sunlight into the bedroom when needed, and drawn for privacy when desired too.

A side study table lining the wall is also constructed so that work can be done in the convenience of the master bedroom itself. Connected shelving that extends up to the ceiling also utilizes the corner space for storage without intruding too much into the overall bedroom design.


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