Take a glimpse into Singapore’s first 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola Store at Raffles Place

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Friends and family whom I often travel with call me a convenience store fanatic. To this, I readily admit, as convenience stores are often my first destination whenever I’m overseas. Somehow, 7-Eleven and FamilyMart seem more interesting in countries like Japan, Korea and even Thailand. But the new 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola store in Singapore changed my perception. 

I walked out of Raffles MRT Station’s Exit F and was immediately greeted by a row of 7-Eleven signages. Situated in the House of Eden at 4 Robinson Road, the new 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola outlet is unlike the rest. 

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Behind the floor-to-ceiling window is a retail section which is seemingly larger than its typical neighbour counterparts. The entrance is decorated with a giant Coca-Cola Splash Tree decal, wooden crates filled with Coca-Cola bottles, and a vintage vending machine showcasing the outlet’s uniqueness. 

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It was 11.30am and since lunch had to be settled, I decided to grab a quick bite at the 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola outlet. Drawn to their new hot food section, I bought a few items and headed up to the second floor.

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Walk up the LED-lit Coca-Cola stairway and you will be greeted by an open space sectioned into standing tables, photo-taking and proper seating areas. Decked in iconic Coca-Cola red, the entire area exudes a breath of nostalgia seemingly familiar to an old-school American diner.

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This place makes for a good pit-stop to get away from the sweltering Singapore sun to rest and relax with a drink or a snack. Here, there is also a foosball table for you to enjoy a game or two in the midst of a hectic workday. 

Now, let’s move on to the food, shall we?

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Fried chicken aside, there is also a variety of baked pastries at the 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola store. Since my last croissant experience was a rather disappointing one, I was hoping 7-Eleven could satisfy me with a viennoiserie that is cheap and yummy at the same time. 

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Half the battle was won just by judging on the appearance of the Coca Hazelnut Croissant (S$2.50) alone. Beyond its caramelised crusty outer layer was a decent amount of chocolate hazelnut filling that was not overwhelmingly sweet.  

This Coca Hazelnut Croissant ticked all the boxes of a decent viennoiserie. It was flaky, buttery and had the distinct layers which I often look out for in a good croissant.

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Prefer to have something savoury? Then try the Tomato Cheese Tart (S$2). I wasn’t expecting much from this pastry but the moment I bit into it, I was blown away. 

Topped generously with seeds, the Tomato Cheese Tart had a deep nutty flavour which paired superbly with the tomato cheese filling in the middle. Instead of cheap ketchup-like flavours, I got a rich and creamy bite from the tomato puree similar to those served at breakfast buffets at fancy hotels.

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Unfortunately, the Super Crispy Chicken (S$2) didn’t fare as well. The chicken was tender and moist but it lacked the crunchiness its name promised. Nonetheless, they make a great protein addition to your bowl of instant noodles or ready-to-eat meal. At the very least, they were decently seasoned and rather flavourful.

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In celebration of the opening of this 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola store, stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as foldable bikes and picnic tables by trying your luck with their claw machines. Just spend a minimum purchase of S$7 (including a Coca-Cola, Sprite or A&W product) in-store and receive a token for an opportunity to play after making your payment. 

I’m glad that 7-Eleven is stepping up their game in Singapore. With this new outlet and all the new products they are constantly bringing in, I’m pretty sure Singapore’s convenient store will eventually be as interesting as those overseas. 

Date and Time: 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola store is now open 

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

7-Eleven X Coca-Cola

4 Robinson Road, House of Eden, Singapore 048543

Our Rating 3/5

7-Eleven X Coca-Cola

4 Robinson Road, House of Eden, Singapore 048543

Operating Hours: 7am - 11pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 7am - 11pm (Daily)
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